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Ayurvedic Medicine for Sex Power | Sex Power Treatment

ayurvedic medicine quotesAyurvedic medicine for sex_bannerWhat else one can ask for? Ayurvedic medicine for sex power are possibly the best medium to enhance your sex capacity. Man has always been cautious and curious about his sexual capacity and always wants to be at its fullest. What he is not ready to do if he comes to know that a certain path can lead to increased manliness without any danger of side effects. Though, man sexual power and sex organ is a complex area of treatment and not much bigger conclusions have been known to come in light, but, a little impact makes the realization of a greater impact.

If you are able to increase your timing just by 10 minutes, that would be huge for you and your partner as well. If you are able to gain just a half an inch in your average penis, that would make you standing in the master penis owner. But, would you find a proper and official statement from scientists or researchers ?? No. Because people are not prepared to receive these types of news and feel a bit small or bit weak. Yet, those who believe in knowledge, believe in improvements. For those, we have brought forward a very precise and rare ayurvedic medicine for sexually long time.

Sexology explained in Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient yet scientifically proven method of treatment. It isSexology explained in ayurveda vast and powerful for the treatment of most of the issues. The Ayurveda is born from the essences of nature. It has almost everything in it. When it comes to sexual relations, Ayurveda offers the most authentic, trust worthy and precious knowledge. The sayings from the texts run in various instances and methodologies. The real reasons behind the premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sexual weakness, low libido, low quality of sperms and similar other cases are well explained in the old contexts of Ayruveda. “Charak Samhita” is one of such great researches.

Ayurvedic methodology is thousands years old yet the causes and treatments told in it are the most accurate. The human health is categorized in Three Doshas in Ayurveda, ie; Vaat, Pitta, Kapha.

Three Doshas in Ayurveda Vaat, Pitta, Kapha

The balance and status of these three decides the complete health and body capacity of a person. So far as sex performance is concerned, it depends upon the collateral coordination of all three. Sex is defined as the integral and necessary part of a human life. It helps in achieving the mental nourishment and good health. The texts of Kamasutra wrote by Maharishi Vatsyayana explains the ways to do more than just having an intercourse. The book portrays various positions of sex that can increase the interest, time, and enthusiasm in having sex while bringing more sexual pleasure. It also focuses on the other aspects during or before having sex that promise for a better and explosive sex act. Things like intimate and loving touch, good atmospheric and body smell, healthy food, good music and relaxing talks prepare body for sex act. Though sex is primarily based on the psychological aspects yet the physical strength and genitals capability is equally necessary to achieve what you desire.

As per the Ayurveda, a man`s mental stability or aggression in bed is decided by pitta. An increased pitta results in anger, frustration and aggressiveness which mostly lead to premature ejaculation. An increased vaat leads to sexual issues in the body that result in weakness, less immunity power and emotional instability. In the context of sex, kapha dosha is known to bring jealousy, vulnerable self-esteem and possessiveness.

While these issues are found in different levels in every human, the collective impact of these affect one`s performance significantly in bed. To deal with these, there are various herbs, sex foods, and elements that are mentioned to have a very positive impact on the body.

If one goes in detail in the ancient scriptures of Ayurveda he will find that all the issues that men face nowadays, are already explained in it with complete details.

Ayurvedic medicine for sex in Hindi or English – It does not matter if the medicine is genuine:

You can find a flood of them but would that help you in your cause in any way? You want a proper and exact treatment for your issue, not a well branded and projected market bluff. There are things that you have to understand before you choose a certain treatment. When your search for ayurvedic medicine for sex power in hindi or herbal medicine for sexually long time, then not all the medicines that would appear in search results are ayurvedic medicines. There are many names that come up in results due to the tricks of the internet market experts. Not all the manufacturers possess the proper knowledge of ayurvedic medicines. You should know how to filter them away. By taking into account the experience of the manufacturer, capacity/ benefits of the medicine and the market reviews, one can easily get the real picture.

Causes of Sexual Problems

In the 21 century, where people are too busy in their personal and personal life, sexual issues are quite often. There are several causes that could decrease sex drive, power, stamina and timing. Stress, excessive work, more than required exercises and injury are the most common.

Obesity also has a significant impact on sexual performance. It could lower the sex drive and sexual abilities in the male. Obesity slows down one’s body that shows its effects later on sexual performance.

Sexual problem could arises due to emotional causes too e.g. doing first-time sex could leads you to early discharge, it may be because of excitement. Feeling of denial from participants, Poor appearance, and low confidence are also the main causes that have play vital role in sexual activities.

Thinking a lot about future, success and failure in life could also cause emotional trigger that lead to sexual disabilities.

Factors that Count in Sexual Performance

Overall sexual performance is measured on the basis of sexual timing, stamina, power and sex drive.

Let’s check one by one-

Sexual Timing- Sexual timing is measured on the time duration one having sex. If you are come out early you can’t satisfy your female partner. Female takes time for orgasm. And if you leave them unsatisfied in the bed it may break your relationship with her.

Sexual Stamina- Another important factor to measure the sexual performance of male in the bed. Every woman wants from their male partner to penetrate at least one to two minutes in the same position. It enables them to arouse. But, if you can’t do that, there is very less chance to satisfy her even aroused her. So, if you want to satisfy your partner, you have to increase sexual stamina to be dominant in bed.

 Sexual Power- Someone has said that “everything in this world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power”. Sexual power matters a lot when it comes to having sex. To stay at least 15 minutes in the bed you must have enough power to penetrate, do other activities and satisfy her.

Sex Drive- Also known as sex desire matters a lot, because without sex drive no one could participate in the sex act effectively. The negative part of it is people lose their sex desire as they getting old. Bad lifestyle, smoking also leads to low sex drive also known as low libido. The worst part of that is you can’t guess you are having low sex drive in the 2 or 3 attempts as you can guess other factors like stamina, power and timing.

Ayurvedic Herbs and Natural Foods that work like magic to increase Sexual Power

Though most of these herbs are not available easily, the names and benefits of some main herbs are given below, in case you find them. Besides, you should also take complete care in the consumption as the ayurvedic herbs should be taken after the complete study of individual body.Ayurvedic Herbs And Natural Foods

Lets face one by one,

Shatavari – Shatavari is basically an aphrodisiac for women. It works to increase the energy level, balances the hormone reproduction and body health in female. The cumulative impact of the herb results in better sexual arousal and interest. While in man, shatavari increases the amount of semen. The continuous consumption not only increases the semen but also improves its quality thus curing the infertility in men. The herb is used in almost all the major natural medicines due to the fact that it directly works for the better health and sexual stimulation of genitals.

Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha works like an aphrodisiac. When consumed regularly for sometimes, it increases the amount of nitro oxide in the blood that results in the dilatation of the blood vessels carrying blood to the genitals. The boosted amount of blood to the genitals causes better arousal and better erection.

Shilajit – A very popular herb that is not easily available. Shilajit is known to improve the man sexual health very effectively. It is powerful natural substance that increases the blood flow to the genitals, boosts the amount of testosterone, improves the quality of semen and strengthens the genital muscles. The herb is found in four colors – Blue, Yellow, Red and Black. In all the four, the Black is the most powerful and effective as the supplement of sexual health.

Kaunch – Kaunch is magical herb for those men who are suffering from premature ejaculation. The herb has the power to increase the sexual capacity and stability. It also increases the production of testosterone in the body which results in better sexual arousal and erection. The herb strengthens the genital muscles that help in stretching the time of orgasm and results in sexual satisfaction for both the partners.

Talmakhana – Talmakhana, a general use item that is mostly used as dry fruit. The item has the direct impact on the amount and quality of the semen. Talmakhana helps in making the sperm quality better and keep the sperms alive for a longer period that increases the chances of conception.

Gokshura – Gokshura is another natural herb that possesses the capability to increase the amount of semen and boost sexual vitality in men. The herb is assumed to increase the nitric oxide in the body which works to increase the sexual interest and sexual capacity in man.

Ginseng (Panax ginseng) – Ginseng lowers stress, improves immune system, concentration, raises brain function and treats erectile dysfunction. The herb is of high importance is one of the most used in ayurvedic and natural medicines.

Cinnamon – It is a spice obtained from the inner part of several trees. The ingredient works to increase the health and works as an antioxidant.

Muira puama – It is a nerve tonic or aphrodisiac mainly used in various parts of Brazil. The herb is the traditional supplement that promotes potency and increases the man`s ability to indulge in sex act.

Oatstraw – Oatstraw is an old ayurvedic herb used to balance the emotional level, restoring nervous system and increasing the sexual flow in body. The herb is extremely good in preparing and improving the body capability to indulge in better sex act.

Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) – It improves the blood circulation in the whole body and brings the better arousal. The herb also helps in the healing and betterment of kidney.

Schizandra (Schisandra chinensis) – The herb works to increase the man`s sexual capacity in the bed. It helps in reducing the chances of premature ejaculation and boosts passion by better regulation the blood cirucaltion.

Damiana  – Damiana leaves are known to have the characteristics of an aphrodisiac. It is mainly used in south America, southern texas, mexico and central America to increase the sex power.

Vanilla – Vanilla is known for its specific and powerful sexual properties that work to increase the amount of testosterone in the body. The item increases the desire for sex and builds stamina to indulge in better sexual activity. It helps in creating the sheer passion and force.

Maca – Maca is a superfood that improves strength and promotes hormonal, physical and emotional states in humans. The herb has long lasting benefits in the better functionality of human body.

Tribulis Terrestris (known as Horny Goat Weed) – The herb is used to tremendously increase the man`s sexual capacity and interest. It is known to arouse a man and give him powerful erections with a good amount of semen.

PXXL ayurvedic medicine for sex – One medicine to substitute all others

pxxl ayurvedic medicine for sexThe scope of Ayurveda is not limited to the treatment of general health issues rather it keep the secrets for treatment of most complex of issues. The natural method or ayurvedic method has gained popularity in the recent years again due to its result oriented, safe and proper treatment. To take the natural treatment to new heights, the pharmacy that is making their big contribution in the most generous way is, Hashmi Pharmacy.

The pharmacy was established by Haqeem Hashmi ji in 1929 and since then the pharmacy has been an ideal name for the treatment of all kind male-female sexual and general health issues using natural treatment method. The medicines they provide are known for their exact and powerful impact without any side effects issue. The natural medicines have a long lasting impact and the pharmacy is known to bring the most revolutionary, one of the very few really working treatments for penis enlargement.

PXXL capsule is another big name of the Hashmi pharmacy. It is the herbal medicine for sexually long time which is made keeping in mind the wide spread common issue of low libido, low sexual power, weak erections and small timings. These issues are so common that people take them as the average capacity of a normal man. But the truth is known to them who are living a well stretched, passionate sexual life. The desires that remain in the eyes of your partner can tell you well about your shortcomings.

PXXL capsule is one of the ayurvedic medicines for sex that actually bring results. The reason is in its herbs. The ingredients used in this medicine are grown and imported by the Pharmacy in their best form. If there is anything that the manufacturers of this medicine care for, that is its quality and impact. They know that a quality medicine that is capable of bringing change can bring them goodwill and name. And it is their only success formula and market strategy to deal with market competition so far. PXXL is the medicine for sexually long time for men and it will increase your erection power, sexual efficiency and passion in bed. Once you achieve your best, you can stop taking the medicine and you will find yourself in the same state for a certainly long time. Though, you will have to take care for your sexual and general health.

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Loss -Weight Loss Supplement

A beast that you will become:

Indian medicine for sexually long time is a well-known thing. People from various countries come here in the search of best herbal medicine to increase sexual power due to the fact that ayurvedic medicines help in gaining the benefits without any issue. PXXL herbal medicine is one of its kind sex power medicine that will not only burn the desires in you to achieve your optimum in the bed but also inspire you to calm all the nerves of your partner. It will give you the required energy and enthusiasm to satisfy your partner perfectly. The powerful and long lasting erection will ensure that you penetrate her deep inside and don’t even stop till she ask for it. The foreplay timing will increase dramatically as you will not have any worry regarding your erection or timing. This medicine has the power of ancient secrets that will keep you going without a stumble and you will reach the explosive orgasm after your partner has achieved so. Only then you will know what you were doing till date and what you can do with the help of this rare and powerful ayurvedic medicine.

Write in for your query or doubt and tell us that you were here. We don`t spam call and maintain the privacy of our users. You will hear from us when you want to.

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    My Name is Pankaj Shukla from Banglore.
    I’m 35 Year old. Now It seems that I’m loosing my interest in sex. Sometimes it takes more than a months to do sex.
    I’m Looking for ayurvedic medicine that increases sex power and sex drive.
    Is PXXL capsule will help me out?

    1. Dr. Hashmi February 9, 2017 at 5:32 am Reply

      Hello Mr. Pankaj,
      It’s very common as you get old.
      Definitely it will help you out. I would like to suggest you to use PXXL Capsule for 2 month to get best result.

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    Penis is a very sensitive and complex organ of a male body. Play footsie with the penis could harm you. Penis size could not increase in juts within 1 to 2 week. It’s a long process takes at least 2 month to gain 1.5 to 2 inch.

    Well, it depends on the method you choose.There are several ways to increase penis size, read this comprehensive guide for penis enlargement.

    Have you tried Sikander e Azam Capsule? It’s an herbal penis enlargement supplement. Do the complete 2 month course to get the desired results.

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      Try Sikander e Azam Capsule for 2 month to increase the penis size by 2 inch.

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      Try Sikander e Azam Capsule for 2 month to increase the penis size by 2 inch.

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