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24 Best Sex Positions for Deep Penetration (With Images)

Sex is such a subject where you can always discover something new to amaze your senses. It has so many combinations, so many tricks that one can create to the extent he/she has imagination. It is a never-ending thirst with never-ending curiosity. When one talks about sex, fantasizing various sex positions and foreplay styles come to mind. If we look towards modern sex approaches, we would find that most of the sexual inspirations come from the porn industry.

People watch porn to ideate new sexual pleasures in bed. It is always pleasant and convenient to learn from visuals rather than words. But one thing where visuals can lack is the detail. Moreover, that is a commercialized sector so you won’t always find things that are near to reality, no matter how appealing they might seem.

The true details of sexual intercourse and approach are mentioned in ancient sexual texts. These texts contain very basic to advanced methods to dive into deep pleasures of sex. But the problem is, most of such texts are not available to common reading and of available, it is not as per modern text styles.

To ensure that our readers get the best info available regarding sexual positions and what increases friction in bed, we have provided some of the best sex positions in bed with images. This will help you figure out which position suits your sexual fantasies and what positions are helpful in deep penetration and quick orgasm in a woman.

Top best sex positions in bed for deep penetration and quick orgasm

You might already know about the very famous and obvious Missionary Sex position. There is no denial from the fact that it is one of the most manly, most powerful sex positions with complete dominance in bed. But there are more to this. Check out the variations of missionary, doggy, woman on top positions and other positions to experience new things in bed tonight.

1. Flying V Position (Missionary Variant)

Lie her down on the bed, spread both her legs straight in opposite direction, hold her legs with your hands which will make way for extra deep penetration. Now ride her with full force. Enjoy the new show.

2. The G-Whiz Position (Missionary Variant)

A little more comfortable missionary style sex position. Sit on your knees, put a thin pillow under her hips, put her legs on your shoulders, kneel a little forward and penetrate her for deeper pleasures.

3. The Nirvana (Missionary Variant)

Similar to traditional missionary position, this is more intense, more comfortable yet more pleasuring sex position. Let your body touch her body and take the load of your body on your elbows like shown in the picture. It gives you opportunity to rub her clitoris with your pubic area while she can hold you in her tight grip to feel the deep drive.

4. The Dolphin (Missionary Variant)

If your girlfriend/wife like it adventurous, you should try this pose. Stand on your knees, lift her from her hips using both hands to your penis and start your work. Her head will rest on the bed. This is a total submission position which gives immense pleasure to both man and woman.

5. The Deckchair (Missionary Variant)

This position is another cool version of missionary position. Sit in front of her, both legs on her both sides, her legs on your shoulders and insert your penis in her. She can grab your thighs in this position and can easily hint for faster or slower moves. You can also rub her clitoris or touch her thighs.

6. The Splitting Bamboo (Missionary Variant)

The fun and full on contact position for deep penetration while giving her happiness of intimacy. Put her one leg on your shoulder and see her smile. Now insert your rod in her while her other leg rests on the bed. Holding her leg will help you to accelerate things whenever you want. The hands of your woman are free so she can use them for various purposes.

7. The Crossed Keys (Missionary Variant)

While drilling her in the splitting bamboo position, you can increase friction to double by applying crossed key pose. Just lift her other leg to your shoulder, bring them in cross position and start penetrating her. She would want it more and more going mad at what you do.

8. Butterfly Position (Missionary Variant)

First, make her lie with her body till hips on the table. Stand towards her facing her and then lift her up to your penis from her hips using both hands. Now start penetrating her hard and enjoy the adventure ride.

9. Flat Doggy Style (From Behind)

Similar to normal doggy position, it is more erotic and deeper penetration version. When she makes the doggy pose, let her hands spread a bit more on the outer aspects for more precise insertion. It is more like you lying on her with light angles. The result will come in the form of earlier orgasm.

10. Turtle Position (From Behind)

In this doggy style pose, her head will be on the bed while her hips lifted a little upward making a 45 degree angle. This position makes it easy for her rub her clitoris for early orgasm.

11. The Hound (From Behind)

Follow this pose after the doggy style. In the same position, lower yourself on her, making the exact angle in her, grabbing her breasts and kissing her back. She will lose herself in the motion and you will get the sweet moment of seeing her orgasm.

12. Pushing the Cushion (From Behind)

Get her on her knees on the sofa, put a soft cushion in front of her thighs, placed besides the sofa. Come in similar pose to her from her behind and insert. Now, every time you will push her from behind, she will get a pumped push back from the cushion on her vagina and thighs which will double the vibration on her senses. She would orgasm sooner than you think.

13. The Spin Cycle (From Behind)

Sit on a little high place where your feet don’t touch your ground. Now bring her in your lap, in the same position as you, facing in the same direction as you. This position multiplies the vibes in both of you as you both try to find your point. Touch her breasts, stomach, neck and thighs while penetrating her hard.

14. The Magic Mountain (From Behind)

Give your woman a support to relax and she will give you much more than expected. In doggy style, it is man who gets more enjoyment but if you just put a mountain of 2-3 pillows under her breasts to let her rest on it, she will enjoy equally. This will help her take the hard strokes and you can occasionally rest on her in the same pose.

15. Extended Cowgirl Position (Woman on Top)

A candy to eye, seeing her moaning and bouncing above you. Let her sit on your penis while you lying on the bed, with her legs spread up to comfortable extent. This gives her advantage to make extra pushes while rubbing her thighs with you.

16. The Slide (Woman on Top)

If you are not in a mood to invest more energy yet want to feel your girl while giving her the pleasure to feel you, this is the right position. Lie on your back, invite your girl to lie on you, and insert in her in the same position. Now, make her shuffle a little while lying in the same pose. It works on everything, press and massages her breasts, rub her clitoris and give her the pleasure of penis penetration. You can also do a lip lock or kiss her neck.

17. Reverse Cowgirl (Woman on Top)

You want to lie down, you want to see her ass and you want to penetrate her deep. This is the best position. Make her sit on your penis facing your legs. She will get it deep while you can slap her butt. She will have the gear to move faster or slower.

18. Love Seat Position (Woman on Top)

This one is one of most intimate sex positions as you wrap her body to yours. Make her sit in your lap, her face towards you, her feet touching your thighs, her breasts touching your chests and penetrate her intensely for complete reward.

19. The Seated Scissors (Woman on Top)

Make her sit on your top, while you lie on bed. The angle is the main trick in this position. She should sit on the position, facing towards your legs, intersecting her thighs with yours. This will give her the advantage to let her touch the clitoris to one of your legs. It provides for deep penetration while rubbing her sensitive part. Make full use of her idle parts.

20. The Afternoon Delight (Comfort for Both)

The interesting, comfortable and sweet sex position still very lovable and working. It helps in better penetration, minimum energy investment, and fresh angle. Let her lie above you in the 90 degree position. Lie facing her and put both her legs above your legs and insert the penis from underneath.

21. The X Rated (Comfort for Both)

If you both are tired but want to try something new with deep penetration, this is your position. She will lie on you, in the opposite direction, taking your penis in her. This position will give you extra movement with slight movement. Half inch slide from both sides will make it one inch into deep penetration.

22. The Sticky Scissors (Comfort for Both)

A very intimate position. Increases trust and pleasure the same time. Let her lie straight on one side then lie with her facing her, tangling your thighs in her thighs. Lift her upper leg and place it over you, drawing her vagina area closer to your penis. Put your upper hand on her hips and insert penis gently. Slip the other hand below her neck and start with slow pushes. It is one of the most engaging, sparking and deep penetration poses.

23. The Curled Angle (Comfort for Both)

Also known as the sleeping position. It is for the time when both of you don’t want to move but want to have intercourse. In the same position as you sleep holding her from her back, make an angle to penetrate her. You can kiss her neck, grab her breasts or touch her clitoris in this position easily.

24. The Down but not Out (Comfort for Both)

Let her lie down straight on her stomach. Make her comfortable by rubbing and smooching on her back and lie down on her, without pushing your weight on her. Share your weight on your hands both side of her. Penetrate her in this position, touching her from body from your body from legs to shoulders area. Slide lightly and see her moan with deep pleasure. Add extras by touching her breasts, neck and clitoris during the act.

These are the best sex positions that you can try tonight and day afterward and the day afterward for deep penetration and quick orgasm. The stuff should be sufficient to prepare the sex-timetable for the whole month, we suppose. Keep coming back, we post new sexual health and pleasure stuff every week.

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  1. Baboo August 6, 2018 at 3:39 pm

    Hi Dr.Hashimi my age is 60 years old i have normal sugar last 10 12 years but my sex is very weak so iam not able woek hard sex.
    Please kind advice me how can i improve my sex.thanksq

    1. Dr. Hashmi August 6, 2018 at 4:07 pm

      In your age, testosterone level goes down naturally, but you can give a try to Sikander e Azam capsule. It will boost your sex power, timing, and overall sexual performance.

  2. SP SINGH June 24, 2018 at 4:04 am

    Really it’s very important. A brief description of Vatsyayn Kamasutra.

    1. Dr. Hashmi June 24, 2018 at 10:21 am

      Hello Mr. Singh,

      Thanks for your suggestion. Definitely will add this section soon.

  3. Pasco June 15, 2018 at 6:22 pm

    Very interesting

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      Gald you like it!

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    Good information to the couple

    1. Dr. Hashmi June 13, 2018 at 10:37 am

      Hello Mr. Mukherjee,

      Yes, couples should know about the positions that bring more pleasure in the sex act.

  5. Caleb June 11, 2018 at 2:14 pm

    This is extremely wonderful. They are really eye-opening. Thank you so much Dr.

    1. Dr. Hashmi June 11, 2018 at 5:51 pm

      Gald you Like it.

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