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26 Ways to Last Longer in Bed & Have Fascinating Sex

last longerWho does not like the idea to last longer in bed? Most people would like to know the method for how to last longer in bed naturally. If you are reading it right now, it means you are interested in knowing the working facts that can actually enhance your sexual capacity in bed. So without further ado, let’s jump on the points.

1. Porn is dangerous for timing

Among all the versions of sexual feedings, porn is most dangerous. It is contagious and sickening. Once you get used to it, you keep on watching it even when it starts damaging your natural-emotional-buildup. Never feed your fantasies on sex. If you are so willing to feel sex, just masturbate, ejaculate and put an end. But don’t open incognito tab in your browser. Why we put this point on top is because it is the most common reason for various sexual issues and mental illnesses right now.

watching porn lower your timing

Porn destroys your original feel of sex. It manipulates your mind and fantasies, makes you habitual to gain erection only when you watch it. It makes you numb to the touch of woman, unnecessarily incites your testosterone for ejaculation, creates unsatisfied mental tension and makes you aggressive without any reason. So, not just sex, if you want to have a quality life, ban porn.

2. Focus on love, not sex


You know it well. A woman desires for sex rolled in the sweetness of love. The better you can play it, the better she will dance to your tunes. During sex, instead of focusing on sex and orgasm, love her like she is the only woman left in the world, and find a rewarding satisfaction. You can bet she would orgasm sooner than her usual time. And once you find your way in, it will take no hard routine to make her crave for your style. Tips – Don’t stick to commonly known sensitive areas.

3. Blowjob when no intercourse


If you ejaculate early in bed then make yourself understand that you cannot enjoy everything in one go. The blowjob is a very appealing fantasy to try and also an easy way to ejaculate early. So, if you are planning to have intercourse, avoid blowjob. Keep it for special sessions, or rather first fulfill your blowjob fantasy till ejaculation and start next session for intercourse (if you have time and stamina to go again).

4. Avoid last longer in bed pills

Avoid last longer pills

Most medicines or particularly Viagra gives too much enjoyment for one go and so people use these last longer in bed pills without any thought. Now read carefully, if you want to preserve your sexual ability for a long time, avoid the use of temporary sexual enhancers completely.

5. Your fantasies, her ears


It is a very practical way to reduce your performance tension, to arouse her red, to make her blush, to bring fun moments, to delay your ejaculation, to live your fantasy, and to increase the bond. Share your fantasies with her and you will find new colors in your relationship. She would feel comfortable and your ejaculation worries will be gone.

6. Foreplay is the start

start with foreplay

Whether your girlfriend/ wife is looking hot as hell, or you are feeling like you will break bed tonight, never make haste to spoil the moment. The excitement is good but skipping the important part of foreplay is a very foolish mistake. Foreplay is like switching on the buttons of a microwave. It will take time to heat up, and your foreplay perfection will decide the temperature. Foreplay brings the spark to her fantasies and she starts real responses. Move gradually and make her orgasm before you do.

7. Give her time to melt

girl melting

Foreplay is the time to explore all the regions of her beauty. The better you explore the better will be her chances of getting wet. Unlike man, a woman can never get ready for intercourse. She needs time. It’s her natural biological requirement. So, to prove that you are a smart man, give her time. Love her, smooch her, touch her, engage with her, look into her eyes, and she will be wet. You will get its advantage during intercourse. Many men finds last longer in bed spray an easy option but we recommend you to try these natural methods first.

8. Masturbation is Net practice


Kids do masturbation for fun. As a man with a sexual partner, you should learn to use it for benefits and not to ruin your potential. Every man knows that when they masturbate they try to finish with it as soon as possible. The very feel of ejaculation brings satisfaction but this tendency also upsets your natural efficiency. Now, it’s time for payback. Take it as a net practice.

This time when you masturbate, try to stretch the session as long as possible. Absorb your mind in your best fantasy, stroke it with full feel, and when it feels like ejaculation, stop with full authority. Challenge your psychology to carve the way according to your will. As soon the feeling goes, start stroking again with the next fantasy. Repeat this way 3-4 times before ejaculating and stretch the total duration to 15-20 minutes. Whenever you do masturbation, do it this way.

9. Don’t piss your psychology

A good psychology is very important if you want to achieve something in life. Never condemn your self-esteem, never dethrone your confidence, never live on negative thoughts/ fear of failure in bed and always defuse tension by cracking good humorous jokes on yourself. Accept it if you are not good at a point but rest assured that you will overcome it with reasonable methods.

10. Why not sex daily


Why not sex daily if you can? It will give you more chances to last longer in bed, more opportunities to try new positions and will keep your testosterone levels in check which will help you control your excitement and in turn ejaculation. The more you indulge in sex, the more will be the chances to sync your sensations into your will.

11. Never feel low during sex

Sex is to satiate your love desires. Never take it as a performance or manliness test or you will end up disappointing yourself.

12. You smoke, it soaks

stop smoking during sexNow let’s talk about things that happen out of bed, but leaves the negative impact in the bed. If you want to make your penile veins weak and out of energy then smoke as many cigarettes as you can. Otherwise it is always better to leave this habit for whole body health. Smoking is killing your potential to last longer in bed.

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13. Running is increasing

Running is increasing

Now comes a good habit. Run every day and gradually observe your erection quality going high followed by the longer control and time. It is possible as it boosts time and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.

14. Sound sleep means sound sex

have good sleep to have better sex timing

As good as it sounds, a good sleep always brings positivity to body and soothes nervous system. So, if you are planning to have astounding sex, make sure you take good sleep that week. It will boost your libido and help you execute sex properly.

15. Don’t fantasize, just do it

The fantasy can either make your session or break your session. How? It depends upon how you are using it. Some men keep on thinking of their fantasies while having sex which incites the mind for quick ejaculation. On the other hand, if you are applying your fantasies with your partner, it will help you enjoy your motions and will not bring immature ejaculation.

16. Condoms protect the ride

condoms helps you to last longer

You already know that condom is the easiest way to protect from STDs but do you know it also helps you to last longer? Intercourse with a condom on decreases the stimulation to the penis. Now some condoms come with an ultrathin layer which is not that effective but a normal condom can surely help you delay orgasm while increasing pleasure for her (dotted condom).

17. Do you know your weakness?

Your weaknesses are the points which compel you to ejaculate early. This could be anything, from over-thinking to hypersensitivity, from particular stimulation of penis to particular sex position. You have to figure it out. When you identify your weaknesses, is the time when you will be able to avoid these points and stay longer in bed.

18. Lubrication makes road easy


Lubrication is necessary for you and your partner’s pleasure. It reduces friction and in turn reduces extreme stimulation of penis. Most women get natural lubrication if filled with good foreplay. Otherwise there always are good natural resources to use as lubrication.

19. Don’t worry, it’s just ejaculation

Never be ashamed of your ejaculation. It is natural even if it comes too early. If you keep your immature instances in mind, it will influence your future outcomes.

20. Exercise

exerciseIt’s always good for your health to do some exercise daily. Exercises are the only way to create energy and strength in body. When you are feeling sexually weak, come out of your cocoon and thrust your muscles into some weight-lifting and stretching. The results will shine you in bed. To know how to last longer in bed exercises, click here.

21. Yoga

yoga helps to delay ejaculation

Bothered due to your weak self-esteem, distracted focus or poor-body control? Try yoga, it works. Yoga is consistently surging in trends due to its extreme benefits to humans’ mind and body. Save half an hour everyday in the morning, do various types of Yoga (stretching & meditation) and find efficient performance in life and in bed.

22. Kegel Exercise


If after applying rest of the points of this blog (first read and try all other points sincerely, some are given below), you are still not able to delay your ejaculation a bit then you need to opt this strategy. Kegel exercises are the way to directly target the pelvic floor muscles which are connected to penis. Kegels bring results slowly but surely if done correctly. But you have to keep this thing in mind, “Once you start kegels, you will have to keep doing it for the rest of your life for stable results”.

23. Don’t full your belly

Remember this point if you don’t want awkward sounds and quick ejaculation. There is a direction connection between your stomach and pelvic floor muscles, so when you load yourself with lots of food, the most of the muscles get engaged. It decreases your control on your ejaculation nerves.

24. Drink less alcohol

 alcohol is bad for timing

Alcohol damages the nervous system and penile organ. The more you drink, the less capable you will become in sustaining an erection or in achieving longer timing. If you are a regular alcohol consumer, try to avoid it for a week or two, do some exercises then indulge in intercourse to see any differences.

25. Try different positions every time

sex-positions helps you to last longer

It brings great joy and fun for both the partners. When you try different positions, it switches your mind from performance perspective to fun perspective. It is what changes the course of your sex life. Most of the times, premature ejaculation is just the flaw in your psychology which fades away when you indulge in real activities with a different perspective. It’s all about habit.

26. Eat healthy

healthy diet helps you last longer on bed

Your diet is your energy. The healthier you invest in your body, the better your energy levels will be. A man should always focus on healthy eating to boost sexual performance even when it is not tasty, eat green veggies, home-made food, fruits and healthy snacks but avoid processed food and junk food. The semen is the energy source and the healthier you eat the better would be the nourishment of your body.

Bonus Point:

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26 Ways to Last Longer in Bed & Have Fascinating Sex
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