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What is Average Indian Penis Size & How to Increase It?

It is a thing a great curiosity among almost all men as to what is the average penis size in India and is there penis size bigger than most of the men or they also fall in the category of average. And for this reason, all men search the net to find authentic info to wash their doubts. But most of the times, people fall into honey traps of internet marketers and get fooled by random articles to buy medicines.

When we encountered this trend, we decided to put an end to this issue for once and all. Today, in this blog, you would find it all about the actual data on average Indian penis size and health.

What Is Indian Penis Size ?

Same as other countries, Indians are too curious about their penis size equally. Indian penis is a bit smaller than rest of the Afrikan, American, and Europe countries but is very good size when it compares to Asian countries.

Still, no one finds out why penis size varies from countries to countries. It may be because the environment and temperature vary from country to country.

To know your exact penis size, you should first know how to measure the penis. What’s included and what’s not?

How to Measure the Length of Your Erect Penis ?

Erect your penis fully. You can take help of some good porn clip or masturbate a little to fully erect your penis. Also remember to clean the public hair first.

Measure the Length of Your Erect Penis

Keep your measuring tape nearby so that you can start the process without wasting time. As your mind diverts in the process, you might lose some of the erection. Execute the measuring process in standing position only.

Place the tip (zero) of measuring tape on the base of the penis from above where penis starts from the abdomen. Please note, if you have belly fat, you might fool yourself by starting from the abdomen fat. To avoid that situation, put the tip of the measuring tape exactly where the penis base is attached to the abdomen.

Now, measure it all the way to the head of the penis till the penis tip. Keep the measuring tape straight and stuck to the penis shaft but don’t align down while reaching the head, keep it straight and measure the exact start to end point length.

It is what your penis length is.

Now it’s time to measure the girth.

How to Measure the Girth of Erect Penis ?

Again, before initiating the process, check the point of full erection. Is erection lose or a little dull. Indulge in sexual thoughts for a couple of seconds if you think erection is not optimum.

Measure the Girth of Erect Penis

Every man has different penis shape. Some penis are wider near the base line, some are in the middle or some near the head. So, choose the place where your penis is thickest. But the base part where testicles skin starts or the head tip is not included in measuring girth.

Put one tip of measuring tape on the penis shaft and roll it around the penis to make a circle. Don’t leave any space or looseness in the measuring tape.

Where your measuring tape intersects its tip, is the number for your penis girth.

Note: Don’t fall for the penis length and girth in the flaccid state. Various studies concluded that the size of a flaccid penis has nothing to do with the length and girth of an erect penis.

What is the Average Penis Size in India ?

The penis size in India varies slightly from other regions of Asian Continent. These are the most possible correct estimates for Indian penis size.

Average Penis Size

  • Length (when erect) – 5.4 to 5.6 inches*
  • Girth (when erect) – 4.5 to 4.7 inches*

*(These figures are taken from various reliable data sources yet it is should be perceived that these figures are provided by the person themselves. A little variance is expected.)

Fast Facts on Indian Penis Size :-

  • Approx 75% of women state they have little idea of what big penis can be more pleasurable.
  • Around 63% of women confessed they are ok with their husband’s penis size as they prefer emotional support more.
  • Around 23% of women confess to have desire for a little bigger penis experience.
  • Around 45% of men believe they should have a bigger penis and longer timing.
  • The flaccid length of penis can range between 2.9 to 4 inches.
  • The flaccid girth can range between 3.5 to 3.9 inches.

The above percentage is calculated as per total number of participants (13840 men and women) in the survey.

Does Penis Size Matter ?

If you possess average Indian penis size, then this question depends mostly on your outlook and your partner’s desires. In other words, those who have shorter than the average human penis size obviously should try to enlarge size using suitable penis enlargement method. For the owners of average penis size, penis enlargement is more of a choice because not many women desire of a big penis in bed unless she is more adventurous and full of life.

When we asked this question to Dr. Hashmi in one interaction, he told that Sex being one of the priorities of man, he wants to push it to its extreme. That’s why most men fantasize of having a bigger penis size and better intercourse time. Click this link to read the full Questionnaire session with Dr. Hashmi about “How to make Dick bigger”.

So far the woman is concerned, woman’s vagina can stretch up to 200% of its original size during arousal so the bigger the size, the heavier would be the penetration, resulting in hardcore pleasure for woman. But it never means that men with average penis size are not capable to bring orgasm to woman.

Male Enhancement - Size does matter
From Visually.

Dr. Aman Jaiswal told as quoted, “It is the mistake of a man to mistake woman as thirsty for big size. If a man possesses average penis size, a good sense of lovemaking, and good stamina, he can surely satisfy his partner. Though, the timing and size both plays an important role in bringing her to her edges, the choice of enlargement solely depends upon a man’s decision.”

How to Increase Penis Size ?

Various methods are available to increase penis. While some are natural and safe, others are risky and could project side-effects. While modern ways like surgery show prompt results, ancient & natural methods like exercises and penis increasing techniques can be more soothing with slow results. As the penis is a complex but tender body part, sexologists always advisable to opt for a safer option even when it bears slow results.

These are the main penis enlargement methods prevailing in the market;

Penis Surgery :-

Penis surgery is, nowadays, one of the widely renowned methods to enlarge penis size. The method is quite successful in increasing size, however, is not counted in safer mediums to enlarge penis size. The surgery method is still quite doubtful in its long run impact. The stability in erection is the biggest concern of men who opt for penis surgery. Besides, this method is also very heavy on pocket.

Penis Surgery

Penis Enlargement Pills :-

One of the mostly used methods for penis enlargement is pills for penis. The success of this method depends upon the brand selected. One should consider various factors before zeroing on certain penis enlargement product. The factors like price, authentication of medicine, reliability of brand, market existence, approach of medication, etc. should be considered. For example, Sikander-E-Azam penis enlargement medicine check all the boxes when it comes to find a suitable penis pills.
Sikander E Azam Capsule

Penis Enlargement Cream :-

Just like pills, the results from cream also depend upon the type of product. Penis cream is a convenient option for those who don’t like the idea of swallowing pills. Besides, the cream directly works on the penis as it is directly absorbed by the penis tissues. If the cream is mindfully formulated, it can bring quick and impressive results. Check Mughal-E-Azam herbal cream for a perfect choice.

Penis Exercises :-

Penis exercises and Kegels can bring some improvements in penis size and performance but it needs constant and honest efforts for a long time. Some studies also suggest that Kegels and Penis enlargement exercises need to be done for whole life, with some gap in between, to maintain the benefits. Though it is the cost free process to enlarge penis, it has its own demerits like excess time consumption, routine “private time” for at least 30 minutes, whole life practice and slow impact.

Exercise To Increase Penis Size

Penis Increase Foods and Herbs :-

Herbs and foods are those that include the natural processes and elements to increase penis size. Herbs and ancient penis enlarging methods, both come under this category. However, these methods are not certified by any professional or science study so far. Besides, there is no proven dosage catalogue to ensure right consumption of these herbs or practice of these methods. Most of these herbs and foods are previously used by tribes and inherited by their successors as a proven method. One can try these penis enlargement foods and herbs at one’s own risk after proper research but these methods and herbs are not recommended by sexologists.

Foods to Increase Penis Size

Penis Extender :-

Penis extender is a method of enlarging penis using a penis device, especially made for this purpose. The penis extender is, so far, the only scientifically proven method to increase penis size but the results earned from penis extender are nominal and takes a huge amount of time. One random study showed that a man gained approx one inch in size when he used penis extender for six months, (5 days a week, 4-5 hours per day).

Penis Extender Device

The gist of the story is, if you want to increase your penis size but without any risk to your sexual efficiency, opt for a natural method. For your ease, we have already mentioned the best natural penis enlargement method named Sikander-E-Azam.

The supplement is formulated with pure herbs after thorough research to bring optimum benefits. It not only works to naturally increase penis size and girth but also boosts the penis health, endurance and timing. If you want to increase penis size safely, Know more about this herbal penis increase supplement here.Penis Enlargement Medicine

Comments (8)

  1. Rajesh June 6, 2018 at 12:16 am

    My Penis Size is 5 inch. Should I take Sikander e Azam Capsule?

    1. Hashmi Mart June 6, 2018 at 10:26 am

      Hello Mr. Rajesh,
      You are just below the Average penis size. Yes, 2 months Sikander e Azam would be enough to give the penis size women loves the most.

  2. Nisar ahmad ganie April 25, 2018 at 9:24 am

    Sir my name is nisar i m from dehradun my penis size is 3.8 inch give me better treatment for this …my age is 23 unmarried

    1. Hashmi Mart April 25, 2018 at 10:34 am

      Hello Mr. Ganesh,

      Thanks for stopping by! I would recommend you to take Sikander e Azam capsule for 2 to 3 months. It will increase your penis size and boost your sexual performance.

  3. Pankaj March 20, 2018 at 6:48 am

    Hello Sir, My name is Pankaj Kumar. I’m worried about my penis size, because it’s just 3 inches while flaccid and 5 inches after erection.
    As, you have mentioned average penis size is between 5.4 to 5.6 inches. Should I worry about my penis size? How can I Increase my penis size? I’m 25, Unmarried from Bangalore.

    1. Hashmi Mart March 20, 2018 at 9:52 am

      5 Inches is not that bad. You are almost average. Increasing penis size is not that easy. You have to put lot’s of effort to increase the size. Checkout this guide to know how to increase penis size.

      You can also give try to Sikander e Azam Capsule for 3 months. It’s an herbal medicine found to be very effective to increase penis size.

  4. Jnaid March 17, 2018 at 4:40 pm


    I’m 23 year old. Could you please tell me what is average penis size of a 23 year old guy?

    Thanks for the nice post!

    1. Hashmi Mart March 17, 2018 at 4:45 pm

      Hello Mr. Junaid,

      We have conducted a survey between 20 to 35 years people and calculated the average penis size accordingly. In your case, if you are between 5.4 to 5.6 inches in length then you are average. Less then that is considered as small penis size and more than that is considered as large penis size.

      Hope it helps!

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