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A Definitive Guide to Kegel Exercise for Men

kegal exercise for menKegel Exercise is one of most tossed exercise by men to cure the male sexual health issues like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and overall penis health.

This is not just a random post about Kegel exercise, it’s a definitive guide to kegel exercise for men.

In this post you are to going to learn tested, scientifically proven exercises that already work for thousands of people and now you can also be one of them.

Let’s dive right in:

What is Kegel Exercise for Men?

Kegel exercise is one of the best ways to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and gain control over your penis performance.  Initially, kegels were suggested to women post childbirth.

kegal exercise for men

It was helpful in relaxing the stress incontinence and also to improve control of their pelvic muscles. But then it was found that kegels are equally beneficial for men. If a man does kegel exercises with right efforts, it can help in getting rid of various sexual issues.

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Main Benefits of doing Kegel Exercises for Men

If you consistently do the Kegel exercises for men, it will bring following benefits to you;

  • Due to increase amount of blood flow to penis, you will gain harder and stronger erections
  • It brings the full erection to penis which makes you feel like increased size
  • Your penis erection stability remains same during intercourse
  • It stretches intercourse timing by naturally increasing control on penis veins
  • The better penile health promotes explosive orgasm, with full force and good volume
  • Kegel work on the bladder muscles which work to cure urinary incontinence
  • Kegel exercises also work to reduce the issues related to prostate gland

Benefits of Kegal exercise for men

How to do Kegel Exercises for Men?

Kegel exercises for men step by step are designed in such a way that it produces maximum impact on pelvic floor muscles and include all main and support muscles in the act. The cumulative result shows the positive difference of exercises.

Locate the PC muscle – It is the primary requirement to do Kegel Exercises. One should know where his PC muscle is because you cannot do Kegels without contracting this muscle.

So, to locate this muscle, you can use various ways but the easiest one is by stopping urination. That’s why you will find only this way on most of the sites. PC muscle is directly connected to the bladder and penis organ and a little tension in that area bring impact on this muscle as well.

The PC muscle is situated under the testicles, before the anus. When you pressurize that part with two fingers during urination, you would find the intensity of urine going low. After urination, try to contract that part again and you would find some stimulation in the penis as well.

pc muscle

Now it`s time to do Kegels There are 4 main types of Kegels for men.

  • Contraction and Relaxation

  • Breathing and Contraction

  • Climb the Hill

  • Tidal Wave

    Contraction and Relaxation – Week 1

    Start with this exercise. Locate your PC muscle and contract it to the comfortable point then release. Keep contracting and releasing for 18-20 times repeatedly. Take a second or two between two contractions. The pressure should be as much as you can easily bear. Do 2 sets of this exercise. It will help increase the blood flow to the penis and awaken the muscles.

    Breathing and Contraction – Week 2

    Breathing and Contraction - kegal exercise

    This is a bit tricky part. After a week, you will be at ease in contracting the PC muscle so now you can add the breathing part. To do this, contract the PC muscle as deep as possible while inhaling and hold. During this holding time, also hold the breath for at least 20 seconds. Then slowly release the breath and the PC muscle simultaneously which should take at least 15-20 seconds time. One step done this way. Try to extend one step for 1 minute gradually. Do7-10 steps in one set and do 2 sets daily.


    Climb the Hill – Week 3

    climb the hill - kegal exercise

    As the name suggests, this kegel exercise focuses on increasing the endurance and control of penis. To do this exercise, you have to go from light to hard contraction in each step. Start with light contraction and hold there for 2-3 seconds then release. In the next contraction, press a little deeper for 2-3 seconds then release. In this way, contract a bit deeper in every step and increase the holding time. Do this till you reach the deepest point, hold there for the maximum time possible (at least 20 seconds) then release.

    Tidal Wave – Week 4

    tidal wave

    This exercise demands concentration and patience. Start with light contraction and slowly increase the intensity continuously. Don’t stop, don’t leave. Just reach to the deepest and hold there for 30 seconds then slowly release to come back to normal. The whole contraction process should extend to 3-4 minutes.

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    After the 4th week, you can follow the same routine or you can merge them in one week but don’t do two exercises the same day. Do exercise 6 days a week.

    Important Points to Remember While doing Kegel Exercises:

    • Cut the nails off your fingers to avoid injury during contraction.
    • The place to do Kegels should be silent, without disturbance and full of proper light.
    • Focus on the exercise, ignore the sexual part.
    • During kegel exercise, if you gain erection then stop till it`s gone.
    • If you are suffering from premature ejaculation and feels like ejaculating, then don’t ejaculate just stop and control the feeling.
    • The pressure on PC muscle should be such which is acceptable for your sensory system.
    • Go to urination before kegels. Empty the bladder. It is important.
    • Kegels is a type of exercise. It doesn’t work in one day or one week. It needs time and you should have patience.
    • If you feel any abnormal pain in your penile area or PC muscle area, then you should stop doing it for 2-3 days. The most probable reason for its happening could be extra pressure or wrong method.
    • Don’t masturbate or do sex after kegels. It zeroes the impact of kegels.
    • Relax between two steps of PC muscle contraction.
    • While doing kegels, don’t tighten the thighs, stomach or buttocks muscles.

    Apart from the main exercises, do some of the following exercises daily to strengthen the Pelvic floor muscles..

    Kegel 1
    Kegel 2
    Kegel 3
    Kegel 4
    Kegel 5
    Kegel 6
    Kegel 7
    Kegel 8
    Kegel 9


Kegel Exercise [Glossary]

PC muscle – The PC Muscle or the Pubococcygeus muscle is the support muscle, available in both sexes. It starts from the pelvic cavity, forming the floor and supporting the pelvic organs, it reaches till coccyx (tail bone). This muscle has an important role in male penis health as it supports bladder and pelvic floor muscles. This muscle can stop the urine or semen ejaculation and that’s why contraction of this muscle is beneficial for sexual health.

Pelvic Floor Muscle – Pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that support the bladder, uterus and bowel. It is a layer of muscles that spread from pelvic cavity to tail bone. These muscles have a great role in controlling the urine while you sneeze, cough or laugh. The strength of these muscles determines your duration in bed during intercourse. The kegels are the best way to target and strengthen these muscles.

Pelvic cavity – Pelvic cavity is a part related to pelvis bones. It contains major arteries, veins, muscles, nerves, bladder, reproductive organ and rectum. In short it contains the overall part of pelvic area, both in men and women.     

Prostate Gland – Prostate gland plays an important role in protecting and supplementing the sperms. It produces a kind of fluid that mixes in the semen through urethra during ejaculation and ensures the stability of sperm in the vagina. It contains 1/3rd of the total semen amount. It is a walnut size gland located between the penis and bladder.

Testicles – Testicles or testis is the male reproduction part under the penis area. It contains two oval shaped parts. The testicles produce sperm and most part of androgens (testosterones). It is the part that makes a man what he is because testosterone is the main hormone that decides man`s appearance and behavior.

Erection – Erection is a state of penis when the blood enters into the penis during arousal and fills all the tissues and cells. When the blood enter into the penis, its entry gets closed due to contraction of certain penis muscles that make the blood stay in the penis and erection remains the same till sexual emotions are high. It results in bigger, rigid and straight shape of penis. The full erection is very important for successful intercourse.

Intercourse Duration – Intercourse duration is the duration during which penis remains in the vagina. It is the most natural and pleasuring situation for both man and woman. Intercourse includes only the contact of penis and vagina. Oral sex and foreplay are not included in the intercourse duration. The end of intercourse comes with orgasm.

Premature Ejaculation – It is a situation where a man is not able to hold his ejaculation much longer. Due to various reasons, a man faces immature ejaculation during intercourse within first 2-3 minutes. Even when he does not want to, he ejaculates, ruining the precious moments. Premature ejaculation is mainly of two types; Lifelong and Taken.

Erectile Dysfunction – Erectile dysfunction is a situation of weakness of penis veins. Due to factors like alcoholism, age, bad diet, psychological factors, etc., man loses his ability to gain full erection which is the primary requirement to start intercourse. If not treated in time, it turns into impotence or permanent ED.  

Urethra – Urethra is a vein that runs from bladder to the tip of the penis. It helps man in urination and also to ejaculate semen.

Anus – Anus is the area to remove stool from the body. It is made of tensile cells and layers.

Bladder – Bladder is situated in the pelvis area just above the public bone. The urine comes from kidney and reaches to bladder through ureters. It enables a person to control his urine and remove it voluntarily. The bladder can expand in its size to store urine up to 400 to 600 ml.

Urinary incontinence – Urinary incontinence is a situation where the person fails to control his urine and a small leakage happens just from coughing, laughing, running, jumping, or pressure. This problem indicates that a person has weak pelvic muscles that are not sufficient to have full control on his penis and bladder.

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