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Premature Ejaculation – Know it all : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

I think you will agree with me when I say:

You can overcome the issue of Premature Ejaculation with right treatment approach and can last longer in bed.

For the seekers and sufferers, this guide is your ultimate resource to know every aspect of disappointing and irritating issue of PE. Those men, who face this situation, know how it feels to fall early in front of your loved partner. We have summarized and provided in a quick read form all the necessary aspects with the main attention towards how you can cure this issue on personal basis.

All these tricks and methods are explained by the specialists and physicians all around the world and are practically successful. So pay attention to what you read, understand and apply if you are seeking for a stand.

What is Premature Ejaculation ?

Premature ejaculation is the term that signifies the situation of untimely discharge of a man in bed. The intercourse is the main part of sex session. The more the time you invest in it, the mWhat is Premature Ejaculationore is the satisfaction you get. But due to some factors and reasons, many men fail to enlarge the time to reach to the optimum satisfaction and orgasm.

In other words, if a man fails to control and ejaculates before penetration or shortly after penetration, then this situation is defined as premature ejaculation or immature ejaculation.

The premature ejaculation leads to incomplete suppression of burning desires in both the partners. As the man finishes early, the woman remains unsatisfied craving for more but has to end the act. This situation is much more embarrassing and disappointing for both than it seems in reading. The issue can lead to serious emotional and relationship issues if not properly addressed in the due time.

What is more disappointing is the fact that most men fail to recognize their issue. They follow the general tendency that if a man ejaculates, both the partners are done. They think that the 2-3 minutes time is the standard time which is not the truth.

Premature Ejaculation Causes –

The issue can arise due to many reasons but there is no solid reason behind it. Mostly it happens due to overflow of emotions and attention to achieve the orgasm. Besides, the weakness of veins to hold, the sensation of new partner, hormonal problems, or the psychological issues like anxiety, guilt, depression or performance issue, etc. could be the reason behind it. You can analyze the real cause yourself or can counsel it with your partner or with the specialist or your closed one. Why you are suffering from it is the most important question to know if you want the solution.

The good news is that with the right aspects, point of view, experience and practice, you can learn to delay your ejaculation.

Premature Ejaculation Symptoms –

The only symptom is the uncontrolled ejaculation. When you ejaculate with minimal sexual stimulation, either before or shortly after the intercourse, and the situation is repetitive, then you should accept that you are suffering from the issue.

What are the Main Points of Diagnosis ?

If you don’t want to go to the doctor, then still you can analyze your performance. Anyone who knows a little bit about women, knows that a woman takes at least 10-15 minutes time in achieving orgasm or sex satisfaction. The time can increase or decrease depending upon the individuals. Some men say that it is practically impossible and is only shown in movies. Though the importance of size and timing is exaggerated in the movies and other such stuff, but the scientific fact about the woman`s desire can`t be ignored.

As per various studies, a woman generally takes much more time than a man in arousal and also in satisfaction. The average time limit in the process extends to 23-30 minutes at least. It is completely another matter that many women do no achieve orgasm. All the female find a point a sexual satisfaction which a man can know if he stays in bed for a longer time.

Apart from this, consider your performance every time. If you are fails repeatedly in bed even the partner is same, and you try to control but fails, then only you should consider yourself as the sufferer. Sometimes it happens that you fail to extend the time due to passion or overflow of emotions. The short time in bed repeatedly over a period of time can be termed as premature ejaculation.

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation ?

Source Wiki howIt is of fatal importance to put an end to your premature ejaculation issue. Don’t ignore it as it can lead to much grave issues that can destroy you mentally. So, treat the problem in time. We will help you in this by telling you the home remedies and natural treatment methods.

Premature Ejaculation Home Remedies :-

Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation
Though, it takes time and consistency, if you opt for natural method and home remedies, but when you start gaining the benefits, it lasts for a quite long time. Below are given some main foods that produce the positive impact on your penis strength, capacity and sexual vigor.

Onions – Onion, a commonly found and very beneficial food to increase your sexual vigor and capacity. The green onion seeds work as an aphrodisiac and helps in the control of premature ejaculation. Take a spoon of seeds of green onion, mix it one glass of water and drink before having every meal. It enlarges your capacity of intercourse.

Ashwagandha – This herb is used in various diseases and is also very helpful in increasing the sexual power and capacity in a man.

Ginger and Honey – The combination of both is a very soothing and deep treatment to increase the timing. Take a half teaspoon of granulated ginger and same amount of honey. Mix it in a glass full of milk and drink it in night before going to bed. The positive results will follow.

Raw Garlic – If you don’t like it, then start liking it. This item is very effective medicine to treat the premature ejaculation issue. Use it in food and if possible, eat it alone by mixing in cow`s ghee.

Carrots and Eggs – The benefit is known to everyone. Both the foods help in gaining the sexual power and increase manliness. It also helps in controlling your ejaculation better.         Take it on daily routine for three months to notice the differences.

Asparagus Root –This is also a good option to cure your early ejaculation problem Take 20 gram of root, boil it along with a glass of milk and drink daily. This method everyday will give you ultimate treatment from the issue.

Castor oil – This oil is beneficial for elder age people. Massage with oil gently till it absorbs in the skin. Do it daily and start noticing the results.

Kegel Exercises – The kegel exercise is a great method to increase your time as well as erection quality and size. But it needs a bit of care and practice to do it in the right way. The main exercise in this regard is PC muscle exercise.
Kegel ExerciseThe other methods for premature ejaculation treatment-

For the ease of understanding and to apply it on practical basis, we have categorized all the points under different topics. Read them carefully, learn the tricks and apply them in your life and see the changes coming.

While in Bed :-

The most important, the first in the order. There are some major and minor points that should care of while you are in bed. It will help you in extending the time surprisingly. Besides, it will be fun in doing so. Just have the right grip of the things, believe in you and you will take your partner to the new heights.

Kill Anxiety –The foremost care should be taken of your mental state.

Kill Anxiety

Are you feeling nervous or worried about your performance? Then remove these thoughts from your mind. The act is done to have the pleasure and fun and satisfaction. It is not a test. The right things in mind will take you to the right path.

Focus on Foreplay – The second most important point in bed is foreplay.Focus On Foreplay

The foreplay is necessary for many aspects. It stimulates your sexual desires, and arouses your sexual partner.The time given on the foreplay balances your quick desires to reach the orgasm, makes your connection with your partner more intimate and obvious, the pace between both is established, makes your partner feel your passion for her, generates natural lubrication and prepares her for the better sex while bringing her close to orgasm. Spend at least 20-30 minutes playing with her and caressing her. It will work to bring the fun and joy. Such reasons should be enough for you to spend proper time on foreplay.

Avoid stimulation on sensitive part in the starting – Avoid the stimulation on those parts of your penis which paces the ejaculation.

Start Slow – When you penetrate your partner, don’t become the 0-100 in 5 second engine.Just give it time, give time to your partner so that she feels you. When you are in her, that time is the best time when you can control your senses and become powerful. So start slow and gentle. Do not rush.

Don’t Think Orgasm or Peak – The famous thing that is said about premature ejaculation is that it will come the moment you remember it.So, while you are having intercourse, don’t think about the peak or orgasm. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the pace and the intimacy with your partner. If it does not help you, then take long breathing to slower your heart rate and balance your emotions. Also, think about other non-sexual things. It seems odd about thinking other things while having sex but it helps greatly in controlling the ejaculation as the PE is directly connected to your mind state.

Manual Control – Edging or orgasm control is the situation when you will control your orgasm on the verge of happening. It can be done in following two methods –

Start and Stop Method – This method is fun and also very effective in increasing the time.When you do intercourse, stop and pull out as soon as you feel the ejaculation coming. Wait for 30-40 seconds till the urge is gone. Calm your senses and then again start. Repeat this step again and again before reaching the point of orgasm from where you can`t return.

Squeeze Method – This method is a bit tricky. In this method, while having intercourse, if you feel the sudden push of semen and urge of orgasm and you feel that it has come to the point of no return, then squeeze it with gentle hands from the place where your glands meet the shaft. This can be done by you or by your partner. Squeeze it for 30 seconds and when the urge is gone, again resume the act.

Change Positions – This is very important to change the positions. It helps you to get some time to control your senses amid excitement and also diverts your mind. This trick also increases fun of intercourse and draws your partner attention towards your perfection and desires.

If you will follow all these steps, it will surely help you in your steamy sex session.

While not in Bed :-

There are some more things that you can do when you are not in bed. Which can be of fatal benefits for you.

Do kegel exercises – As already told, kegel exercise can highly benefit you in respect to size, time and erection quality. For the complete details and how to do the exercise, follow this link – (put the link here)

Practice Controlling the Orgasm – Yes, practice controlling your orgasm. Try it when you are alone. As a man try to complete his ejaculation when he does masturbation, it reduces his time in bed due to psychological practices. So, try to masturbate without pushing yourselves or making haste for the orgasm. When you are about to have the orgasm, stop, control your senses and then stroke again. This practical application will highly benefit you when you are with your partner.

Have more Sex – It is also a good way to increase the timing. The more sex you have the more you have chance to practice and control your senses. You see, it all is a game of controlling emotions and focusing on the play rather than achieving the results.

Recognize the most sensitive of your fantasies – The one point that no one will tell you. You have to recognize those fantasies of your which lurk you to ejaculate or increases your heart rate or makes you lose the control upon you. Try to put aside those thoughts and those fantasies a bit. It will help you control the overflow of emotions. Practice on those fantasies when you masturbate.

Masturbate before your date – If you are unmarried or live alone and get a chance to have sex seldom or occasionally, then this point is for you. Masturbate before your date to decrease the load of semen and reduce the overflow of emotions. It will help you to perform better during the session.

Before in Bed :-

As you now know it all about the tricks to hold and increase your timing, here are the tricks to apply just before having the intercourse.

Use condoms – One condom, thousand benefits. Then why not wear it? The condom reduces your sexual stimulation and fetches more time for you. Also, a good quality dotted condom increases the pleasure of your woman.

Use lubricants – Sometimes you do not notice it but there remains a need to use the lubrication. If your partner is not completely wet, then try lubricants. It reduces the friction which boosts the timing.

These are some main points and tricks that will help you get your premature ejaculation treatment yourself without the assistance of anyone or any medicine. Believe in you and get the results.

But if you find it difficult to apply these measures for success, you can try this natural premature ejaculation pills – Mughal E Azam capsule. The medicine is made of pure, precious and powerful herbs and has changed the lives of millions of people worldwide just in 2-3 months course time.

Mughal-E-Azam Capsule

The main benefit of this medicine is that you will not have any need to follow the above mentioned tricks. The medicine naturally increases your manliness, sexual capacity, strengthens your veins and nerves and brings better erection power and timing.

For any assistance or clarification or doubt, leave the comment below. Our specialists will answer you for free. Stay safe, stay happy.

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