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20 Actionable Breast Reduction Exercises to Reduce Breast Size Naturally

Breast ReductionBreast reduction exercises are the need of time for those young ages or mid-age women who are troubled with their unnecessary big size and unattractive shape. In this post, we have compiled some useful and effective exercise to reduce breast size that can be done easily on daily basis.

Let’s know how to reduce female breast size

Breasts, one of the most important assets and natural ornament of a woman, are the symbol of feminism and beauty since the ancient times. The fantasy of a writer and painter, the center of attraction for a man, the pride and secret of a woman and the feeling of love. The world gives thousand names and decorations to the breasts and thus the relevancy never ends.

But what if a woman does not attain the desired size?

Ultimately, it is the body part and the growth and development depend upon many natural and lifestyle factors. It is not completely in the control of a woman. But when it comes to appearance, the only thing that matters is appearance.

Some woman can face the issues related to undersized while some face the issue of oversized breasts. As the undersized breasts issue normally arises with young girls, it is emphasized more. But in recent years, cases related to oversized breasts at an early age and also in the middle-aged women are also increasing constantly. It could be attributed to various factors like:

  • Rising improper lifestyle habits
  • Lack of nutritional diet
  • Exposure to maturity and sexual stuff at an early age
  • Increasing use of medicines that dis-balance hormone secretion
  • Genetic reasons
  • Hormonal issues
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding

Whatever the reason is, the oversized breasts are not a pleasant situation for a girl or woman. It gives birth to many issues and makes the life a little bit slow and heavy. Besides, most females do not like the idea of visiting a specialist or taking medicines due to logical reasons of money, side effects risk, embarrassment, shyness and privacy, fake medicines and lack of reliable treatments.

So what to do?

What option is there that can be opted with trust and qualifies all the parameters?

How to lose breast weight and get a Cup size breast?

Looking beautiful is the birthright of every girl and woman. And no one can stop her from doing so, not even the obstacles that creep in during the gradual process of puberty and body development. Oversized breasts is an issue that bothers young girls and mid-age women alike. So, we have researched and pointed out the very basic options to reduce the oversize and carve the best shape in you.

There are lots of breast reduction cream and ayurvedic remedies to reduce breast size out there claiming to reduce breast within 1 week or 3 weeks. Don’t believe all that crap, because most of them are not working and has lots of side effects

Breast Reduction Exercises, the only home remedy that is safe and free from side effects, keeps your privacy and works effectively on your body and all this need just one thing. Your honest and consistent efforts.

What are the main breast reduction exercise to reduce breast size?

Exercise is a necessary daily activity for everyone. Our body is the biological machine that also needs maintenance and service. The exercise keeps it fit and tight. It gives it the shape and energy to work efficiently. A lazy mind and body do not stand for anything. Not only for the reshaping of the breasts, the exercise for breast reduction work for everything. When you focus on the beauty of your body, the beauty obviously shows up in the outside world.

Today, we have summarized 20 best and most effective breast reduction exercise that carves back your beauty and makes your breasts tones, shaped and uplifted. The continuous practice of a set of these breast exercise will surely reduce the oversize of your breasts and make you feel confident, appealing and attractive once again.
Watch this video to get an instant overview of all exercises.

Let’s check the exercise to reduce breast size with pictures in detail-

Watch this video of exercise to reduce breast size at home if you are in hurry.

    1. Push Ups:-

Push-ups is most important and must do exercise to not only reduce the size but also to tone your breasts and body. If performed regularly in the right way, it will deepen your curves, remove the fluffy look, reduce the excess fat around the breasts and give them the uplifted look. To perform push-ups,

Push Ups Exercise

  • Simply lie down on the floor on your stomach
  • Lift your body using your hands making the ninety-degree angle between your hands and shoulders, while touching the floor by knees.
  • The whole body should be in one line while lifting the whole weight up and down.
  • Do a set of push-ups every day as per your body strength.

   2. Chest Fly:-

Lying Chest Fly Exercise for Breast Reduction

  • Chest fly is done using the dumbbells.
  • Lie down on the bench in the chest press position.
  • Lift the dumbbells up straight making 90-degree angle from the chest.
  • Now spread both hands in opposite direction till both hands make the 180-degree angle.
  • Then slowly lift the arms back in the starting situation. Repeat this set for 3-8 times.

   3. Decline Presses:-

This exercise reduces the fat, promotes uplift and tones the breasts.

Decline Press Exercise for Breast Reduction

  • Lie down on the decline bench on your back.
  • Lift up and lower dumbbells in the same position as the incline press exercise.
  • Do the sets slowly and softly for better results.

   4. Incline Presses:-

This set helps to tone the muscles beneath the breasts and helps in raising the breasts upward. It also makes your breasts toned and curvy.

Incline Press Exercise for Breast Reduction

  • To do the exercise, lie down on an incline bench with the back straight against the bench.
  • Now lifts the dumbbells up and down in the same position as the chest press exercise.
  • Do 4-8 sets while taking care that the elbow is in 90 degrees from the chest while the arms are in the lower position.

   5. Chest Press:-

The second most helpful exercise to reshape the size and build of the breasts.

Chest Press Exercise for Breast Reduction

  • Use lightweight dumbbells in doing this exercise.
  • Lie flat on a bench and keep the feet on the floor.
  • Then lift up the dumbbells directly over the chest making the 90-degree angle between chest and hands.
  • Lift the weight up straight, softly without locking the elbows, and try to hold there for 2-3 seconds.
  • Then slowly lower the arms back down to the starting point and repeat the exercise in 5-10 sets.

   6. Wall Press Technique:-

Easy and very effective one.


  • Stand to face the wall while placing your hands on the walls.
  • Now press your palms and lean slightly towards the wall to put some weight press.
  • Do this for a couple of minutes for a good exercise on the pectoral muscles.

   7. Shoulder Press:-

This exercise gives the positive impact on the breasts, shoulder, and back. To do the exercise,

Shoulder Press Exercise for Breast Reduction

  • Stand straight or sit on a firm plain seat.
  • Lift both dumbbells near your ears while both elbows make a 180-degree line.
  • Now slowly lift up the straight and stay for 2-3 seconds.
  • Come back to the previous situation
  • Repeat the set 4-8 times. The set works on the whole shape and size of the breasts.

   8. Shoulder Shrugs:-

Shoulder shrugs are the simple yet a working exercise.

Shoulder Shrugs Exercise for Breast Reduction

  • You can do it using dumbbells or without dumbbells.
  • Stand straight and keep your hands straight in the alignment of the body.
  • Now shrug your shoulder in the upward and loose motion only. No need to roll the shoulders forward or backward.

   9. Upright Rows:-

Upright Rows Eexercise for Breast Reduction

  • Stand straight and place your hands in a position of joining both palms in the 90-degree angle.
  • In this situation, lift the weight up and down in the straight vertical position.
  • Make sure you do not lift your hands up more than the elbows line.

   10. Anterior Front Raises:-

An engaging and intuitive exercise. Works on the sidelines and edges of the breasts as well as on the overall shape of the breasts.

Anterior Front Raises Exercise for Breast Redduction

  • Stand straight and lift the dumbbells one by one from both hands in the front of your face while keeping the arm straight.
  • Slowly raise your arm, take pause long enough to stop the motion and then lower it.
  • Now repeat the same with the other hand.

   11. Side Raises:-

Side raises exercise decreases the fat around the breasts and carves the shape.

Side Raises Exercise for Breast Reduction

  • To do this, stand straight, lift the dumbbells in both hands, making the 90-degree angle from the chest in the opposite direction from one another.
  • Now lower the arms to touch the sideways of thighs then lift the arms up again in the previous position.
  • Repeat the exercise for 3-8 times.

   12. Dumbbell Back Pullover:-

This exercise not only reduces the breasts size but also highly impacts on the shape and uplift of the breasts. The exercise is also helpful in the strengthening of chest muscles and triceps.

Dunble Back Pull Over Exercise for Breast Reduction

  • To do this exercise, stand straight and lift the lightweight dumbbells using both the hands above your head.
  • Now slowly lower it to the possible extent maximum up to the neckline behind the head in the straight alignment.
  • Lift up again above your head and repeat the set 4- 8 times.

   13. Hip Shift:-

Hip shift exercise works on the breasts, hips, and back. It gives satisfying results but takes time.

Hip Shift Exercise

  • To do this, raise your hands straight in the 90-degree angle in the front of the face.
  • Interlock your palms and while holding your palms and wrists tightly, release the index finger.
  • Now bent a little bit and push your hips to the right side while inhaling.
  • Then exhale while returning in the starting situation.
  • Do the same in the opposite direction.
  • Do a set of 4-8 moves.

   14. Jogging:-

A must do exercise for every lady. If you want to boost the progress of your breast reducing efforts, make time for jogging every day. Not only the breasts, it will burn excess or unnecessary fat everywhere on the body. You will feel energetic, active and fit. The body will give quicker and toned response. Jogging also increases your immune power. A 20-minute jogging will do good. All these important benefits should be enough to bring you out of your couch every morning.

Jogging Exercise for Brest Reduction

   15. Swimming:-

A heavy calorie burner, swimming is for those who want to get the curviest and jealous figure. Swimming alone can do magic on the shape and size of your breasts. It tones the whole body, burns all the fat, brings fluffy into the toned look and makes you younger and strong. The arms use in the swimming burns fat around your chest makes the breasts firm and shaped.

Swimming Exercise for Breast Reduction

   16. Climbing Stairs:-

Hate climbing? Not anymore. How is the fact that it greatly impacts on all the main parts that are considered in the figure calculations? From breasts to hips, it brings shape to everything. It’s the best exercise to reduce hips. Next time you do the climbing, love it and vision about that sexy and attractive version of you.

Climbing Stairs Exercise

   17. Ardha Chakrasana or The Half Moon Pose:-

One of the most important exercises for reducing breast size.

Ardha Chakrasana Exercise for Breast Reduction

  • To do the exercise, Place your left hand on the hip making triangular position.
  • Now bent to the right side on one leg while slowly lifting the left leg upward.
  • Raise the left hand in the equal alignment of the left leg and bent on the right size till you touch the floor from your right hand.
  • Try to stay for 4-5 seconds.
  • Then return to the starting position and do the same on the opposite side.

    18. Massage Therapy:-

Massage is an old time activity but has all the benefits to shape the breasts in the best way. It burns the fat around the breasts and on the breasts. Also tones the breast skin and tissues and helps in the uplifting of the breasts in the easiest way.

Breast Massage Therapy

  • Use warm olive or coconut oil to apply on the breasts.
  • Use the middle finger and ring finger to do the message.
  • Do not apply the oil on the nipples.
  • Now massage on the breasts in the circular motion from outward to inward, spend 10 minutes on each breast. Massage like this for 3 months to notice the visual results.

   19. Cardio Exercises and Energy Managing Exercises:-

Cardio exercises and energy managing exercises are a great way to reduce the breast size and tone it. But remember to wear a proper fitting supporting sports bra. It saves you from the sagging and stretching. Some main activities that come in the cardio breast reduction exercise are running, jogging, brisk walking, swimming, cycling, etc. The set of cardio exercises alone can bring the desired change in your breasts size. Do 40-45 minutes of exercise daily.

Cardio Exercises for Breast Reduction

    20. Yoga Exercise to Reduce Breast Size:

Yoga exercises are a great way to reduce the breasts size while improving the metabolism and immunity power of the body. A set of yoga exercise to reduce breast size can do wonder on your body in terms of figure and sustainability. We suggest you start the yoga exercises under the guidance of a trainer. you can also give a try to Baba Ramdev yoga to reduce breast size.

Yoga Positions for Breast Reduction
All these options mentioned above are the best breast reduction exercises available. You can choose the set of some major exercises or opt for cardio exercises or yoga exercise & massage as per your body and mind adaptability and comfort. All these exercises for breast reduction are proven medically to reduce the oversized breast, tone the skin and tissues, prevent sagging, and bring the best and beautiful curves out in you.

Please Note: Use lightweight dumbbells only in doing all the exercises to skip injury and pain. Wear proper fit and comfortable inner garments and stretchable clothes for the free body movement and perfect exercise. We wish you good luck in your endeavor.

 Stay safe, stay healthy, stay beautiful

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