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Penis Enlargement Medicine : A Myth, Illusion or Truth

With the latest progress of science and expansion of the medical field, new debates have taken their stand as to whether penis enlargement medicine is a necessity of time or it is just a business to fill the void of the market.

People are curious about sex and more curious to know the ways that can improve their sexual abilities. This has given birth to new manufacturers, new marketers, new platforms, new perspectives, new theories and obviously new medicines. But the question remains, do penis growing medicines have any impact on ground or it is just a sweet illusion.

The world is huge and it contains numerous possibilities of happening of non-happening of everything. But when it comes to personal health, would you just rely on mere excuses or will go to the root of the truth.

Since most of you would not like the idea to go to the sexologist, you should excel the available resources thoroughly to know the reasons and solutions regarding your sexual issues and doubts. One opinion should never be taken as truth till you have made a fair comparison between facts.

So for the question why penis enlarging medicines should be taken, we should first consider the need of penis enlargement, if there is any?

What is the Need of Penis Enlargement and what are the Possible Benefits?

The penis is the main role player in the sex act. Its performance decides the length and enjoyment of the sex act. After good foreplay, when the time comes for intercourse, if the man fails to deliver a powerful and enthusiastic show, then all the mood making and desires teasing could go in vain.

Because it is the medium to make your partner feel you, the good erection and good size play an important part in penetrating her. If the man fails in doing it successfully or falls out in the middle of the moments, then he not only loses the opportunity to experience the enjoyment but also destroys the delicacy of soft fantasies.

This situation could arise due to a number of reasons which include short penis size, short timing, loose erection, low stamina and erection issues. Whatever the man does in his life, he will never bear to face such situations when he can`t look in the eyes of his partner. The penis is not a man-made thing and also its performance also depends upon a number of factors out of which some are not in the capability of man to control. Still, it would be utmost cruelty of science and so-called technology if it can`t find a proper way to stop this torture.

Sex is not just a need to satisfy physical simulations but is directly connected to the mental harmony of human being. It is something that every human need in a different amount. If done perfectly and satisfactorily, it nourishes the mind and refreshes the body.

Thus, a good solution or say penis treatment is a need of time. It is the only way which can give peace to the deprived mind and body.

If through penis long and strong medicine, a person is able to penetrate successfully, or if he is able to hold longer and enjoys a successful long intercourse, then it would be a blessing for mankind. And for this cause, good penis increasing medicine can be given a try.

Do You Know the Average Penis Size?

So, do you know the average penis size? And how this average penis size plays an important role in deciding your penis status? It all depends on the data and facts. Various institutes and websites conducted numerous surveys and found that the average penis size is different for men from different regions. So, while doing a comparison, first get the right data. The average penis size in India is 5.4 to 5.6 inches while in America, it is 5.9 to 6.1 inches.

Average Penis Size Graph

This data includes men with different age ranging from 21 to 40 years. This average size helps in making the simple comparison about your penis size and its class.

What is the Use of this Identification?

It helps in knowing whether one`s penis size is sufficient to penetrate a woman deep and give her complete satisfaction. At last, it is what matters when you are in bed. If your sexual partner is not happy with your penis, then it might reduce your chances of exciting intercourse. As the name suggests, average penis size is the size that is just sufficient to penetrate your partner.

It also means that you might satisfy your partner with the right mix of foreplay and proper intercourse timing. It also has conditions attached to it like the desires and level of stimulation in your female partner and her prior experience with other sexual partners. If her demands and experience are bigger than yours, you might not make that masculine image in her heart.

Generally, when aroused, a vagina stretches 4 to 4.5 inches on an average and so the 5.5 inches penis can give the satisfaction to both the partners. We also want to mention here that if both the partners are happy with each other, there is no need to spend the money and time. But if you want to make her experience a little bit more sensational and surprising, then you can opt for the medicines for penis growth.

A good penis size, such as 6 inches, is good enough to penetrate her deep and satisfy her completely. If a woman has experienced the sex with such a man, then she will never forget it. Even if she ignores it owing to the emotions and love feel, her subconscious mind will do the evil thing. It is in human nature. You neither ignore it nor reject it. Humans always go for the better and when it comes to sex, they expect the best. So, instead of suppressing the desire to have more fun, become one with whom she can have fun.

Is there any Known Cause for Small Penis Size?

There are some causes which can only be detected with proper tests and analysis. The main causes include,

  1. Reduced Prenatal Androgen Production or reduced effect of androgen
  2. Irregular testicular development which happens due to testicular dysgenesis, Klinefelter syndrome, Leydig cell hypoplasia.
  3. Issues in testosterone synthesis, androgen insensitivity syndrome, inadequate pituitary stimulation, and other forms of congenital hypogonadism.
  4. It could also the result of genetic malformation syndromes that does not involve the sex chromosomes.
  5. Various genes could affect the penis size without detectable hormone abnormalities.
  6. Some estrogen based fertility drugs are found to be connected with genital abnormalities.

Best Male Enlargement Pills :-

Penis enlargement is a serious and sincere topic and it should be addressed properly. The medicine to increase the penis size should also be the same. If you want to maintain the health and prosperity of your penile area, then never go for local medicines and herbs. It could bring more damage than benefit. So, what is the best option available?

A natural treatment is the best treatment. It is because the human body is also the creation of nature and thus, a natural herb has the most soothing and positive impact on the body. But in the present world of chemical oriented treatments, the natural method has been ignored. The good thing is, there always are people who constantly work for the development and betterment of natural treatment. In the same league, there is the natural manufacturer who has made all-natural Sikander E Azam capsule.

Sikander-E-Azam Penis Increasing Medicine :-

Sikander E Azam CapsuleIt is very important to deal with the sexual issues with right treatment in hand and when it comes to medicine, Sikander E Azam dominants the market significantly. It is one of its kinds, all natural yet very powerful natural penis enlargement medicine that has gained its recognition due to its quick and soothing impact. The medicine is very helpful for those men who finds difficulty in having the successful penetration or fails in taking the intercourse to its peak.

The medicine is a completely tested medicine that has found its present existence after proper years of deep research. Sikander E Azam is not like other ayurvedic medicine for increasing penis size as it is an authentic formulation which has also been proved by ISO and GMP certification. The medicine is different from others because it works not only for penis expansion rather brings the major overall improvement in the appearance and performance of the penis.

Since it is free from any chemical touch, it does not give any bad impact or after effect to the body. If you will look into its formulation method and its benefits, you will find that this capsule is the most balanced natural formulation to increase penis size in present day.

How Sikander-E-Azam Works and Benefits the Penile AArea?

This natural medicine is the magical blessing of nature and it ensures that its users get the optimum benefit. The capsule works in the simple and direct method by strengthening the penile function. Instead of imposing forceful applications, the herbs first improve the efficiency and capacity of penis veins and cells. It helps in increasing the blood flow to the penis which in turn improves the erection power and stability.

Then the medicine works in corpus cavernosum which is one of the smallest parts of the penile area which has cells that hold blood during an erection. The herbs incite the body to form new blood cells in it and also repair the existing cells that help in better blood retaining. If there is any shrinkage due to any reason, the medicine also helps to remove it.

The result of this can be seen in the increased size and girth of the penis during erection. Sikander E Azam is not a temporary sex enhancer and thus it balances the testosterone levels in the body which can be observed in the form of better arousal and erection capacity.

This natural penis enlarger and sexual capacity enhancer have those special benefits that bring the change in the intercourse timing and enthusiasm. It happens due to better hormones secretion and better penile functionality which does not let you down in between the session. The long lasting sex stamina and delayed orgasm ability again regain her faith in you.

Surprise her with your bigger size and manly stamina – Yes, it can happen and it will happen as it is the right path which can lead you these long expected cheers. It is in the form of capsules and we call it medicine but it is more like a sexual energy supplement which works on the very basics which make a man a man. It means it strengthens the penis capacity and also increases his masculinity.

This sexual power supplement takes its due time in bringing the results because the manufacturers have focused more on results and its safe positive impacts rather than quick results. But it does not mean that it tests your patients. It takes the due time that the body needs to adopt and bring the change. The course generally ranges between 3-4 months and in this time period, the user easily attains noticeable changes in his sexual capacity and penis appearance.

The main benefits that Sikander E Azam gives you are enhancement in intercourse time, removal of premature ejaculation, increase in penis size up to 1 inch, increment in girth up to ½ inch, intercourse timing up to 20-30 minutes, powerful erections every time, rigidness in erection state during the act, explosive and strong orgasm and enthusiasm due to better stamina are some of its main benefits.

We believe in providing the real facts and figures, irrespective of its market impact and thus, the changes in the penis size mentioned above are those which the users have reported after course. The medicine is your pass to get the happy and passionate life and to gain your righteous position in the eyes of your partner.

We wish you a happy and positive, long lasting sex life. For any question or doubt, you can message us anytime without hesitation.

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