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How to Increase Sexual Stamina in Bed ?

It is no secret that sexual stamina plays a key role in intercourse.

In fact, it’s a blend of sexual timing, power and how you play the sex act. Having low sexual stamina could lead you early ejaculation, weak erection and it can ruin your sexual life.

In this blog, we will discuss on how to increase sex stamina so that you can engage with his partner enthusiastically and passionately and have pleasurable sex.

What is Sex Stamina?

Sex stamina is described as the energy which drives a man`s efforts in to reality and enables him to achieve the supreme pleasure of sex. This energy is the source of man`s power and is the symbol of his supremacy in bed.

How to Increase Sex Stamina?

Sex stamina cannot be measured on single parameter as it covers everything from arousal to ejaculation. But the most common sign of having a good sexual stamina can be seen during the intensity of intercourse and timing. The higher the stamina, the higher will be endurance.

It is very important to know that sexual stamina is not limited to intercourse duration. It is the energy level that gives you conscience, control and leverage to do more during the sex act.

Following are the ways to improve sexual stamina and strength and live your sexual life like never before.

Foods To Increase Sex Stamina :-

Though every food has some distinct nutrients, minerals and benefits and so every food is good for body but when we talk about a particular aspect, then there are some foods to increase sex stamina that can be more effective than others. Here we have provided list of foods to eat for increase stamina. Include them in your diet.

Foods to Increase Sex Stamina

Watermelon – When it comes to sexual health, watermelon comes in the list. It is because it contains L-citrulline which is the source of L-arginine. This element is very helpful in maintaining sexual health, strengthening penis tissues and balancing testosterone.

Bananas – Commonly found fruit that contains good amount of potassium which improves sexual endurance while reducing the chances of cramps and sexual fatigue.

Apples – Among numerous benefits of apple, one more reason to eat apple is its role in better sexual performance. It contains quercetin which is good anti-oxidant and has many roles in body endurance.

Ginger – Use ginger in your food or in tea to improve your blood flow and artery health. The daily usage slowly changes the situation.

Oats – while oats is a healthy breakfast for your morning, it also is a good food for your sexual endurance. It also contain good amount of L-arginine which is a helpful element to remove erectile dysfunction.

Dry Fruits – The dry fruits are said to be the fruits of Kings because of its rich properties. Dry fruits like nuts, almond, raisins, cashew, etc. work to improve sex stamina and penile health.

Wild Salmon – If you are non-veg., then wild salmon is good source of sexual energy for you. Omega 3 acids of this food help you in becoming a better sexual executioner in bed.

Tuna Fish – Another fish that contains good amount of vitamin B12. The deficiency of Vitamin B12 can create low libido, fatigue and weakness in man.

Oysters – Oysters is known as virility food because of its benefit in erection and arousal. It contains good amount of zinc that is a good supplement for male reproduction system.

Garlic – An ancient and not-very-much-liked food yet a very good supplement to strengthen your penile organ and sexual formation. It is said that Egyptian used to use garlic to improve their stamina in old times.

Pomegranate Juice – This fruit is said to contribute in blood production. Besides, it also improves blood flow in the body which maintains the spirit and energy flow in body.

Spinach – The green vegetable that has a lot of good points to eat. It contains arginine which gets converted into nitric oxide in the body. This element triggers strong erection in the body. It also helps in building muscles.

Avocado – It destroys nervousness because it contains stress-relieving vitamin B. It helps you in longer and continuous sex sessions without any lows.

Chia Seeds – Use Chia seeds in your smoothies or yogurt if you have a plan for whole day. It contains good amount of protein that keeps you energetic and full stamina all day long.

Soya Bean – Soya beans is also a good source of protein and is helpful in creating stable energy levels in body to support your sexual endeavor.

Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate is a special food to eat before or during sex session. It reduces performance anxiety, stress and incites mind to indulge in passionate sexual efforts.

Coffee – Similar to dark chocolate, it is also good for sexual performance. You can take one cup coffee daily to maintain your sexual excitement in bed.

Asparagus – This food helps in maintaining the oxygen levels in blood due to the presence of vitamin B. It promotes better energy circulation in whole body and produces healthy body cells.

Pumpkin Seeds – These seeds contain magnesium and zinc. These both elements combined work to promote testosterone levels in body, improve blood flow and helps in steamy arousal.

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Exercise To Increase Sex Stamina :-

Exercise is a great way to increase stamina in bed. If you start counting, you will find that almost all the exercises in some way help to increase body stamina and in turn sex stamina.

Exercise To Increase Sex Stamina

Sex stamina is not limited to your timing rather it also counts those steps which increase the bearing capacity of other body parts used in sex act like tongue, hands, thighs and hip muscles, etc. so focus on exercises of these parts as well.

1. Normal Exercises / Weight Lifting :-

Either go to gym daily or grab a pair of dumbbells at home but do exercise 5 days a week. It is the first step of building stamina and power in you. When you do exercises of chest, muscles, shoulders, thighs, legs, etc. it results in strength and muscle formation in whole body while improving blood circulation and testosterone production.

Weight Lifting Exercises

So it is the first requirement if you want to have better body formation, endurance and better control on your body.

2. Aerobic Exercises to Increase Sexual Stamina :-

Second number comes for aerobic exercises. These exercises include swimming, cycling, stair-climbing, running, jogging, rope-skipping, etc. All these exercises tone your body, increases blood circulation to whole body, brings better control on your muscles & nervous system and boosts stamina manifold.

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises are a great way to increase sex stamina to rule like a king in the bed. Swimming or running strengthens the pelvic muscles and improves control which leads to better erection and better intercourse timing.

3. Yoga to Increase Stamina in Bed :-

When it comes to improve control on sensory system and nervous system, there is no better way than doing Yoga. Yoga helps you control your mind, your body and your way of life. It brings mind, body and soul in one line which is unconsciously very helpful in controlling your ejaculation, increasing timing and getting quick arousal.

Yoga to Increase Stamina in Bed

Yoga makes you master of your body and the result can be clearly felt during passionate sex session when you can easily control your heartbeat and flow to delay your ejaculation.

4. Kegels to Increase Sex Timing :-

Kegels are for those enthusiastic and amateur people who are ready to go a step forward to make a stallion performance in bed. Kegels are specially designed exercises to strengthen penis organ and increase holding capacity.

Kegels to Increase Sex Timing

These exercises are highly beneficial to deal with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Besides, Kegels help in maintaining the stamina and vigor throughout the sex session as these exercises work for better sexual endurance.

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Bed Tips to Increase Sex Stamina :-

Some men have good stamina but they don’t have the habit of having long sex and so they become tired soon. There are certain things that one can do to counter this dilemma. To increase male stamina from bed tips, you can incorporate these practices during sex act.

Woman takes much more time to achieve orgasm than man. So, play accordingly. Know you girl. How aggressive she is or how demanding she is. You should be aware of her arousal points and her climax areas.

It can be done by every man even if you are new in relationship. You just have to give more time to foreplay and you will find her best spots.

Don’t push the things. At some places, she wants it slow and fast at others. Girl wants it slow and mild at sensitive places initially. So, don’t just try to bring her on fast track without proper play. It not only spoils her mood but also greatly reduce your timing and stamina as calories burn faster, testosterone runs quicker for ejaculation and you start feeling like end is coming.

Many people suggest that during the intercourse when you feel like coming, you should think of something else other than sex. This is just a stupid statement provided by some amateur and inexperienced person. It is nearly impossible and very foolish to think of such things while you are in middle of such an engaging situation.

Instead, try to slow down a bit, change the position, and meanwhile, give some time loving and caressing her while talking appreciating her beauty. Talking is the biggest diversion and most successful method. It saves you from mood shifts and she also does not feel odd.

Mid-Sex foreplay also helps in re-energizing and re-erection of penis which brings better control on your ejaculation. Because it gives your mind and body a slight break while bringing more pleasure and intimacy for both of partners.

Use your tongue and fingers better to bring more fun in your bed. It invites quicker and fuller orgasm to your woman which makes you obvious winner.

Position changing is an interesting and good move for both the partners. During intercourse, give her time to feel you inside her. For this, bring variation in strokes. Go slow and fast as per rhythm. Also keep it lubricated to bring less friction and more pleasure.

Sex Positions

No doubt, Missionary is most loved position but it is also one of the most tiring positions. A man has least control in this position on his ejaculation. It can make you feel tired in small time and you might avoid second session. So, use those positions which help both the partners feel comfortable while gaining maximum pleasure.

Using Condom Helps Increase Timing :-

Gir with Condoms

If you are looking for a longer sex session then don’t go for blowjob in first session. It triggers quicker ejaculation.

Masturbate once 4-5 hours before engaging in sex. It helps in maintaining the testosterone balance and reduces the urge to ejaculate.

Mental focus and mental strength is utmost necessary to stay unbeaten in bed. Because nervousness and anxiety are the killers of time and bring ejaculation faster. So, be strong, be calm and try to enjoy the moment. Foreplay and intimate talking helps you in relieving the pressure and come into the motion with the flow.

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Life Tips to Preserve Sex Stamina :-

These life tips will not only help you save stamina but will also provide you the complete answer for how to increase sex stamina in daily life.

  • Alcohol, smoking and drug abuse are habits that damage the stamina and sexual efficiency of body. Stay away from them, or at least minimize the use.

Cigarette and Alcohol

  • If you do a sitting job, then don’t forget to save some time for daily physical fun activity.

Daily Physical Fun Activity

  • You might feel the need for masturbation once or twice a week but don’t just become an addict. It not only wastes your precious semen but also reduces the level of testosterone which decreases your sexual stamina.

Stop a Masturbation Addiction

  • Don’t think of sex or watch porn most of the time. If you have some time to spare, then use it learning new things. It activates productive imaginary part of mind which works to inspire you to try new things during sex as well.

Health Myth Guys Sex Thinking

  • Have a healthy diet and drink good amount of water every day.

Healthy Eating Foods

  • Don’t take heavy meals before going for sex as it slows you down, decrease stamina and triggers quick unwanted ejaculation.

Heavy Meals Eating

  • If you live in stress or depression, then it is not good for your sexual stamina and sexual performance in bed. Cure it by finding a way out of your present situation.

Dont Stress

  • Try to sleep daily at fixed time. It promotes discipline in life and supplements body levels.

Sleep at Right Time

  • Go for urinal at regular intervals but don’t make too early or too late habit. Occasional holding is good to improve control on penis and internal veins.
  • Understand that sometimes bad things happen and so don’t let the failed past sexual experiences overrule your potential successful future endeavors.
  • If you feel the need of any medicine to increase stamina in bed, then click here to get a reliable solution.


Increasing sex stamina is not a rocket science but you have to put the efforts in the techniques that actually work! Choose the foods, exercises and tips as per your taste, capability and  interest and add in your regular diet program at least 3 months to see the results. It’s a win win if you add these stuffs in your daily life schedule.

Is there anything that we have missed? what is your secret to increase stamina in bed? Let’s know in the comment section.
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How to increase Sex Stamina and Strength in Bed Naturally
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How to increase Sex Stamina and Strength in Bed Naturally
In this blog, we will discuss about life aspects which can help a man to increase sex stamina so that he can engage with his partner enthusiastically .
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