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How to Increase Sex Power Naturally?

When it comes to how to increase sex power, the majority of people think about Viagra but it is not a permanent cure. Viagra has temporary results that last within an hour and it has side effects too.

Luckily, there are many ways to increase sexual power and stamina in bed naturally that gives you the permanent result and has no side effects. All of them are easily available and easy to practice.

Let’s know about sex power before heading over to how to increase sexual power.

Table of Content

What is Sex Power?
What is the Role of Sex Power in Intercourse?
How can it be preserved?
What are the Main Causes of its Loss?
What are the Main Side Effects of Low Sex Power?
How to Increase Sex Power Naturally?
1. Exercises to Increase Sex Power
Try Kegel Exercises
Weight Lifting
Fast Walking / Jogging
Yoga to Enhance Sexual Power

2. By Making Life Style Changes
Healthy Diet
Get Proper Sleep
Reduce Stress
Quit Smoking
3. Foods to Boost Sex Power
4. Try Hashmi Sex Power Medicine for Man:-


What is Sex Power?

Sex power is the source of the sexual activity. It is the energy that can be seen and felt in the form of penis erection, quick arousal, high enthusiasm, vigor, passion and love, extreme intercourse and explosive orgasms. It is the main energy which drives the sexual vibe of a man.

Sexual power can be different in different men as per his quality of life. If a man has lost much of his youth in masturbation, the effect of it will surely haunt his sexual life in upcoming years. It is not something which can be gained in one week or one month. It has to be preserved over a long time to get the good results from it.

Sexual power is different from physical power though it is directly connected to it. But if a man has a good physical ability, it is not necessary that he will be able to perform supremely in bed. It is possible that a man with good physical ability can fail in his sexual life. It all depends upon his sexual stamina, his penis ability and sex capacity and his approach in bed.

So far the sexual power is concerned, it is described as the source energy which works to activate all the functions related to sexual stimulation in the body and the person who has more sexual energy, would be fierce and more active in his sexual life. Thus the need to boost sex power can very much be seen in every man because no one would like to not live the best pleasures of life.

What is the Role of Sex Power in Intercourse?

Sexual energy is the basic source which energizes the whole penile organ. Sex energy or sex power is not the result of care of various factors like semen, body power, care of penis, the balance of body hormones, etc. and so it impacts on all these factors. If a man experiences good intercourse timing, it means he has good sexual power. His sexual power enables him to have good control over his penis, gives him better erection quality and gives him the good sexual stamina to continue intercourse.

sex power quote

Sex power is the main factor in making a man what he is in bed. Some men feel the need to indulge in sexual activities daily while some find it comfortable to maintain a gap between the two sessions. It is because of different sexual levels and body ability. The sex power decides how long a man will go in one session. Sex power maintains the health of the penis and gives the hard and strong erections. As per Ayurveda, sex power is the main energy source of the body which makes a man what he is. There is a limited amount of energy in every man given by nature. How a man uses it, decides his way of sexual life.

How can it be Preserved?

In the age of adulthood, the only way to waste sex power is through masturbation. The more you masturbate, the more you will lose your semen. Semen gets stored in the body and makes the energy in the penis. If a man is healthy and there is no other disease in the body, then it is the only way to lose your sexual energy. So, one should do it with restraint and intelligence.


On the other hand, if you have a problem in your body like diabetes, obesity, weakness of penis veins, weakness in holding capacity, frequent nightfall, etc., then there is a safe and effective natural treatment mentioned later in the post which can get you rid of those issues.

When it comes to life when you become a young man, there are various ways which destroy your sex power and by avoiding those ways, you can preserve your sex energy. Alcoholism, smoking, frequent sex sessions, use of medicines like Viagra to boost sex power temporarily, poor diet, lack of nutrition, drugs, inactivity are some of the main causes that consume and reduce your sex energy. Avoid these and you will find your penis in a better state.

What are the Main Causes of its Loss?

Before knowing how to increase sex power, it is important to know what could be the causes of weakness. These are some of the main causes that become the reason of low sexual power in males.

Hormonal Imbalance –

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal Imbalance can be genetic or generic. There are various instances which speak of cases where the man lost his hormonal balance due to stupid lifestyle choices which could include his diet, his mindset, his way of living, his use of his sexual energy, etc. The hormonal Imbalance disturbs the level of testosterone in the body which is the primary hormone for deciding manliness in man.

Illness –


Illness can be of many kinds like physical or mental, general body illnesses or sexual parts illnesses. All these conditions affect negatively upon a person`s ability and endurance in sex. Physical issues like thyroid disorder, diabetes, obesity, etc. directly affect the body energy and sexual capability.

Irrational Lifestyle Habits –

Irrational Lifestyle Habits

It is quite understood that a man becomes what his habits make him. Whatever you have in your mind to endeavor, if you cannot change your habit of staying in bed late in the morning, then you will not achieve it. Same goes with your choice of snacks and fast foods over nutritional food and skipping exercise to take pleasure of morning. These habits are just to indicate that a good disciplined well-managed lifestyle is very necessary to maintain balance in your sexual power.

Weak Mental Head Quarter –

It is the truth of life. A man achieves whatever he is capable of. The brain is the center point of everything. Not just the outside but also the inside. How strong the nerves of a man are, decides how strong his sexual and physical endurance is. So, be positive and always try to challenge your mind limits and take them to the next step. Poor concentration, low self-esteem, feeble confidence, etc. are some of such issues that come with the weak mental state.

Addictions and Drug Abuse –

drug abuse

Addictions whatever they are bad for health. Be it smoking, alcohol, sexual enhancers, weed, overeating, etc. all lead to bad health, mentally and physically. Try to maintain a strategic difference from these things and find new positive changes in you.

What are the Main Side Effects of Low Sex Power?

The main side effects of low sexual power can be observed in these forms –

  • Low sex excitement
  • Poor and slow arousal
  • Need of Additional warm-ups to gain the erection
  • Weak stamina/ Quick loss of enthusiasm
  • Weak timing/ poor timing of intercourse
  • Quick ejaculation due to weak holding power
  • Dull orgasm
  • Repeated fluctuation in erection stability and hardness

How to Increase Sex Power Naturally?

Sex power can be regained but it takes time. There certain ways in natural lifestyle which are very helpful and beneficial to boost sex power. So, how to increase sex power without medicine? You will have to make certain changes in your lifestyle, some changes in your diet and some in your psychology and you will gain your energy back in due time. Have a look at the list.

Exercises to Increase Sex Power

A man is made to have energy and strength. If you want to gain from your body, you must be willing to spend time in the workout. Exercises not only strengthen your physical state but also the mental state. Besides, the cumulative impact of exercise improves the capability of sex and your penis organ. So, be mindful of it and do it on regular basis.

  1. Try Kegel Exercises

Kegel Exercises are the proven way to enhance sexual performance, overcome premature ejaculation and be last longer in bed. You only have to do this exercise in the right way. This exercise works on pelvic floor muscle to give more control on your orgasm so that you can delay your ejaculation. It’s the same muscle the help you to control the urine while urinating.

This is the first exercise that came into the mind when it comes boosting sexual performance. This exercise has worked for millions of people all over the world and gives them explosive sexual power.

Do this exercise with care, and if you feel any pain just stop and consult with an expert first-

click here to know it all about how to do kegal exercises in the right way. 

2. Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting Exercises

Strength training exercises are the most recommended exercise by the Doctors to improve the sexual performance. The reason is weight lifting exercises produce more testosterone that is directly connected to men sex drive and enhances sexual performance.

Doing these exercises 4 to 5 times a week can do the wonder for your endurance, sexual stamina and power.

Do the pushups, crunches, sit-ups and weight lifting exercise to increase sex power and stamina. It helps you to produce more testosterone and result in extra sexual power.

You can also do some muscle-building exercises to strengthen your upper body parts like chest, shoulders as it uses the most while intercourse.

3. Fast Walking / Jogging


Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? If yes, then fast walking or jogging could help you out and boost your sexual performance.

Harvard University finds out in a study that, people doing aerobic exercises are 30% less chance to have ED over other people.

ED occurs when a very less amount of blood flow to the penis veins that causes an erection problem. When you walking fast or jogging ( a part of aerobic exercises) blood flow constantly goes towards penis veins and make it healthy.

So, walking fast for 30 minutes daily can prevent form sexual dysfunctions and keep your male organs healthy for better sex.

4. Yoga to Enhance Sexual Power

Yoga for Last Longer in Bed

Yoga is an ancient technique to keep your body flexible and healthy. If you want to try some new sex positions for more fun then you should give a try to yoga exercise.

Yoga exercise will enhance your sexual life by making your body more flexible. You will be able to try sex positions that deliver more excitement while intercourse. You can penetrate for a long time and result in more fun and orgasm.

5. Swimming

Swimming Exercise

Swimming is a kind of aerobic exercise that needs maximum effort to perform. To swim you need to put your whole body effort and it helps you strengthen your body that results in long stamina.

Swimming 3 to 4 times a week for 30 minutes will make boost sexual performance and stamina. Swimming needs great effort, and for 30 minutes, you need to have a healthy diet too that ultimately improve your overall health.

If you are obsessed and have low sexual stamina, then swimming can do boost your sexual performance along with losing weight too. It’s a win-win situation!

By Making Life Style Changes

Early to bed early to rise, makes a man sexually healthy and wise. Incorporate discipline in your life and find new energy aspects in your sexual life. You will be stronger in your mind and sexual capabilities.

You can improve sexual power by making below-mentioned lifestyle changes in your daily routine.

Healthy Diet

healthy diet

Diet is the primary source of energy of the human body. If you are not getting it properly then definitely you will face health-related issues and obviously sexual issues too because your body is not getting enough nutrition to keep your body healthy.

To keep your sexual power, create a detail diet chart and add healthy foods that fulfill your body requirement. You will know about foods that increase sex power letter in this post.

Get Proper Sleep

Proper sleep is same important as diet. If you are not getting enough sleep then your body would not work properly. It may cause stress, migraine problems that can damage your health.

Hormones that responsive for better sex power are released while sleeping. If you are not getting enough sleep hormones would not release as their full potentials and can cause sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunctions.

Reduce Stress

reduce stress

No one can perform sexually better while stressed. In fact, stressed people tend to ejaculate early as compare to happy people. Being stressed for a long time can cause low libido and can end your sexual life.

Try yoga and meditation to reduce stress. Talk to your partner. Stress is not a solution, it’s an end. Get out of it as soon as possible.

Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking & Alcohol

Smoking is not only harmful to your sexual performance but also dangerous for overall health. It’s a route to pain and regret. It can lower your sperm count and in result, you may cannot pregnant a fertile women.

If you want to enhance your sexual power, quit smoking as soon as possible and start a healthy diet and exercises to have a better sexual life.

Foods to Boost Sex Power –

It is very much likely that you are not taking the right diet if you are facing weakness in your body or decrease in sexual power. Foods are the fuel of the body. A good food is the one that supplements the whole body need, be it in the form vitamins, nutrients, minerals, or other fats. So far the sexual power is concerned, there are some foods power foods which especially helpful in increasing the sexual time and energy. Let’s know about sex time increase foods. Top Foods to Increase Libido or Sexual Desire

Apple – An apple day will throw your sexual weakness out of your body. Besides, it is very beneficial for body in various other ways.

Watermelon – Watermelon is a seasonal fruit but it has a great deal of impact on man`s body energy. It helps in better sexual stimulation and quality erections. It contains amino acid which improves the blood flow to the penis and improves body sensitivity.

Onions – Not in the food but as a salad. It may leave a bad smell for which you can take mouth freshener but take onion daily with your meal. It is very powerful in maintaining sexual energy in man.

Ashwagandha – Used in various ayurvedic medicine to increase sex power, ashwagandha is one of those helpful and beneficial herbs that bring improvement in man`s sexual health.

Fish – If you are a non-veg, then fish is a very good source to increase sexual power in man. Fish contain omega 3 fatty acids which help in improving the sexual health. Fishes such as tune, trout, wild salmon are especially beneficial in this.

Oysters – Oyster increases the level of testosterone in the body and bring strong arousal. The improved blood flow helps in better erection.

Mangoes – If you want to upgrade and maintain your sexual health, then mango is the fruit you should consume as much as possible. Mango gives the numerous benefits in the whole body and so far the penis is concerned, it is said that it also helps in improving the shape and size of penis besides building the sexual stamina.

Banana – Banana is a good fruit for building energy in the body. Not only the body energy but also the sexual energy. Bananas increase the oxidants in the body and potassium helps build libido in man. Take two bananas daily with milk and you will find new sexual energy in you. It’s a key element to increase stamina in bed by food.

Eggs – Eggs come in those foods which increase the testosterone levels in the body. Include it in your regular diet and see better results.

Try Hashmi Sex Power Medicine for Man:-

sex power medicine

If you are facing some physical problem related to sex life then you can rely on this natural sex power medicine. PXXL capsule is a sex power medicine for man that has gained recognition in the sexual treatment of low libido and weak erections. The medicine is the promising and productive result of years of research and testing. The consistent course of this medicine can help you come out of mthe ost dejected and hopeless state and bring new sexual power.

All of the above are the best ways to increase sex power with and without medicine. Each of them is tested and proven, you can select one or more as per your ease and do it for 2 to 3 months to see the results.

Let us know which one you are gonna try in the comment section.
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How to Increase Sex Power Naturally And Permanently
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How to Increase Sex Power Naturally And Permanently
When it comes to how to increase sex power and timing, there are lot's ways avails in the market. Click here to know the most effective ways to increase sex power naturally and permanently.
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