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Erectile Dysfunction Cure : A Complete Guide to Get Harder Erection

Erectile dysfunction is an issue which affects most people at some point in their life. But the problem is not in its occurrence rather it is related to its repetition. No one would like the idea to indulge in sex act and then finding inability to finish it with satisfaction. But it is what happens when a person suffers from erectile dysfunction.

Since the evolution of human being, sex is a subject of curiosity, excitement and dominance. It is highly important for a man to be a good player in bed if he wants to fulfill the desires of his loved one. But little he can do when the dent of sexual dysfunction falls upon him. It should be understood that this issue may come in anyone`s life and there is no need to be disappointed or depressed as Erectile Dysfunction Cure can be treated.There are countable ways which have proven very effective in erectile dysfunction cure. So one should just put his thoughts on the right things and try to win over it.

This guide will tell you all the necessary things that you should know about the erectile dysfunction cure, its causes and will throw proper light on how to cure erectile dysfunction naturally and permanently.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Limp CockErectile dysfunction is a situation when a man finds himself unable to gain the complete erection to indulge in the sex act or if he gains it, he loses it before the penetration and thus fails to have a successful intercourse. The issue remains whatever the person does at that time.

This situation comes as an embarrassment and so further drags the man’s self-esteem. In most cases, it is observed that the person who suffers from erectile dysfunction also suffers from depression and frustration. It is obvious and can’t be ignored as the sex is the direct key point attached to nervous system, body efficiency and brain response.

The thing to remember here is the fact that in half cases, it gets better after a short span of time. This is called temporary dysfunction in which the man’s body operational efficiency could be low due to a number of factors and thus the man fails to achieve the proper erection. In a few days, after good diet and balanced psychology, the person comes back to his normal stage.

The need for proper treatment generateswhen even after the failed attempts and trying the things that a person can do in bed, he fails to achieve the hard and full erection. This kind of dysfunction is mainly seen in middle aged or senior aged men.Erectile Dysfunction Erectile dysfunction, before the advancement of the medical world, was known as Impotence. Still those who are unaware of this, they take this issue as impotence and thus don’t even hope for its cure. Impotence is the complete inability to get the erection or indulge in the sexual intercourse. Whereas ed is a different thing. It is not birth-given thing rather it creeps in during the sex life of a man. But there is no denying from the fact that sexual dysfunction might turn into impotence, if proper treatment is not done in time. So, mind it.

Quick Facts on Erectile Dysfunction :-

  • Erectile dysfunction is the continuous inability of a man to have a successful intercourse due to weak and soft erections.
  • The main symptoms of erectile dysfunction are – inability to gain the hard and full erection, or failure to maintain the erection and losing it before penetration.
  • The main causes of ed could be both physical and psychological.
  • The right reason for the issue can be known with proper diagnosis, by the doctor.
  • It is mainly connected to the poor performance of blood vessels and low blood flow to the penile area.
  • It could happen with or without other sexual issues like low libido, premature ejaculation, small amount of semen, lack of fluid release in the penis, pain during ejaculation, etc.
  • This issue can happen to anyone irrelevant to the age, health or body quotient.
  • The issue of erectile dysfunction can be cured with proper treatment.

How Common is the Issue of Erectile Dysfunction?

Age Erectile Dysfunction

The issue ranges from different stages to different ages. It can happen to an adult or to a middle aged man or to an old man. Some might gain an erection and lose it at the time of penetration while some might not gain a complete hard erection at all. The erectile dysfunction is a very common issue among men. As per different studies conducted all over the world, it was found that approx. 50% men suffer from erectile dysfunction issue at some point in their life. While some get over it without help, others struggle to cure erectile dysfunction.

How the Erection is Achieved and Sustained (Body Functionality)?

Erection is a neurovascular event in which nerves and blood vessels are involved. The effective performance of both results in hard and long lasting erection. Erection is the result of stimulation which can be physical (touch of the penis) or psychological (talks, thoughts, viewing sexual content). When the sexual stimulation does it work, nitric oxide releases in the nerves going to the penis which in turn releases another chemical named cyclic GMP in the muscles of corpora cavernosa. This chemical makes the blood cells in the penis to relax and expand while the increased testosterone in the body triggers the blood flow to penis. This process results in expansion as the blood comes in the penis and makes it bigger.

After the full erection is achieved, the area of corpora cavernosa swells which results in the compression of the blood veins that supply the blood in and out of penis. When the veins remains compressed, the blood remains in the penis and erection remains the hard and complete. As soon as the amount of cyclic GMP decreases, the blood cells that hold blood starts to tighten. It results in weaker veins compression in the corpora cavernosa and blood exits slowly from the penis.

What are the Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Before knowing about the erectile dysfunction, it is important to know about the primary requirements to have a hard erection.

  • A good psychological state and healthy nervous system that conducts nerve impulses in the brain, spinal column and penis.
  • Healthy penile organ and blood arteries that carry and hold blood during erection.
  • Adequate secretion of testosterone and other chemicals in the body.
  • Good functioning tunica albuginea which works for the compression of the veins while erection to keep the blood in the penis.
  • Healthy and energetic body which is capable for the proper flow and functioning of all the processes.

If the person lacks in anyone or more of the above mentioned conditions, then he will face the problems in proper erection.

These are the Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

Physiological Conditions :-

  • Low blood flow to the penis – It happens due to reasons like blockage in the veins, diabetes, smoking, alcohol, obesity, depression, tension or other neurological issues etc.
  • Low secretion of hormones (testosterone) – The low amount of testosterone reduces the excitement and stamina. It results in unprepared state of body and mind to indulge in sex act. It affects the whole process, from blood flow to chemical reactions, and so the erection is not achieved.

Physical Causes of the Issue :-

If you are suffering from the erectile dysfunction, then you should get your proper body checkup as there are many reasons which directly or indirectly affect the performance of penis. Some of the main causes are given below –

  • Diabetes can invite the issue of erectile dysfunction much earlier in men than those with non-diabetic symptoms. Diabetes increases the risk of ed because it causes atherosclerosis. It is a situation when the blood arteries get thickened and hardened. It narrows the blood supply to the penis which causes the weak erection.
  • Obesity is the reason of low metabolic rate. It also slows down the body energy circulation, creates blockage in the arteries and also gives birth to diabetes in the body. It is more likely that an overweight person will face the issue of erectile dysfunction.
  • High blood pressure causes issues like low secretion of nitric oxide which causes weak erection.
  • Heart disease which limits the amount of blood flow and excitement in the body.
  • Hormonal disorders like thyroid condition, low amount of testosterone, etc.
  • High cholesterol is another issue that can attract erectile dysfunction.
  • Injuries in Pelvic area or Spinal cord
  • Prostate disease treatment
  • Surgical causes
  • Parkinson`s disease
  • Radiation therapy in the pelvic area

Prescription Reasons of Erectile Dysfunction :-

  • Medicines that are used to treat high blood pressure
  • Medicines that have the effect on nervous system
  • Sleeping pills
  • Prescriptions for depression and anxiety
  • Cancer treatment
  • Prostate treatment and prescriptions
  • Hormonal drugs
  • Some kind of painkillers

Psychological Causes that Become the Reason of Erectile Dysfunction :-

As already told, the mental reasons are one of the main reasons that affect the sexual capacity of men. So, it is highly important to be mentally healthy and energetic. These are the main types of mental negativity that brings the sexual dysfunction in the body,

  • Depression – One of the wide spread issue in present day social structure and one of most life threatening as well. Depression completely blocks happiness, hope, positive thoughts, and expectations. Due to this reason, many people face the issue of sexual dysfunction.
  • Anxiety and tension – These two things can weaken any person even if he is far from all the bad habits and addictions. Tension and anxiety often create self-doubt and breaks the confidence of a man and also invites many issues in the body.
  • Sexual Timing and performance pressures – It happens for so many reasons like watching porn, thinking too much about act, making the unreasonable parameters, expecting too much from yourself, etc. Generally, this type of sexual dysfunction remains for a short time till you understand your capacity and reasonability. One should understand that sex is made for the enjoyment and refreshment and it is not a life exam.
  • Guilt and low self-esteem – Not only for sex act, guilt and self-esteem issue can become the reason of various failures. It is one of the most fatal issues of mind but it can be curbed with proper counseling and healthy thought process.
  • Fear of intimacy and hesitation – Hesitation can be speed breaker in many cases. Fear of intimacy is mostly found in men who are in the habit to live alone.
  • Stress – Stress creates the need to relax. Though the sex act works as refreshment for body, but if the person is in the habit of living in continuous stress, then it could cause disinterest in sex.
  • Communication gap with sex partner – It also happens with many people. Sex is not a physical act, it is the match and mix up of two human beings and thus, it cannot be done without emotional attachment and intimacy. If there is communication gap, then both the person will lose interest in sex act.

Erectile Dysfunction Cure – A Complete List of all the Methods

Erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction is not an issue which can`t be cured. With proper treatment, firm determination and healthy psychological state, this issue can be removed to a large extent in a small time. If you want to know how to cure ed permanently then this is your chance to get it. There are some prevailing methods to cure erectile dysfunction, out of which some need time, some need hard work, some need extra efforts and some need proper care. So, it is important for you to choose the right method that suits you best.

  1. Treat erectile dysfunction using home remedies
  2. Erectile dysfunction cure exercise
  3. Therapy and Surgery
  4. Natural Supplement

Home Remedies to Keep a Hard On :-

Home remedies is the first choice of every person to treat any issue and it is also, indeed, the best way for treatment save, the person knows the exact way to take these home remedies. The main home remedies to treat erectile dysfunction are given below –

1. Korean Red Ginseng –

Korean Red GinsengIt is also known as Asian ginseng. The herb is used as a medium to heal the sexual performance. It is also an herb to help in the size of the penis. The recommended dosage is 600mg to 1000mg a day but the user should first consult the doctor to ensure if he has any contrary medical situation.

2. L-arginine –

L-Arginie FoodsThis herb works as a supplement of nitro oxide in the body. The nitric oxide helps in expanding the size of blood cells in corpora cavernosa and which holds more blood in the process of arousal. The main foods that are the source of L-arginine are –Protein rich foods like meat, egg, chicken, fish, peas, seeds, nuts, etc. Besides, the user can also take the supplement medicines after consultation with your doctor.

3. Almonds –

AlmondsAlmonds are good in various things. It helps in many ways to the body. Almonds also have good aphrodisiac properties with good amount of vitamin E. Thus, it works to improve the blood flow and energize the veins for a better arousal.

Mix one teaspoon of almond powder in a glass of milk and drink it daily before going to bed.

Or, soak 6-8 almonds in the water for a few hours. Eat these before going to bed every day.

4. Ginger –

Ginger RootGinger is good for body. It is an herb which is used in many issues in the body. The herb has aphrodisiac property which means it is helpful in increasing the blood flow to the penis and in gaining the better erections. You can take it as ginger tea daily two times a day/ or take two teaspoons of ginger paste with one teaspoon of honey and take it two times a day/ or take one-half teaspoon of ginger juice with a boiled egg and honey before going to bed in night.

5. Carrots –

CarrotsIt is said that if you want to live long and healthy, then you should eat carrot on regular basis. Carrot has many good properties that help the body. It also contains aphrodisiac properties and high beta-carotene content. Thus, it is an important source to treat ed.

Drink carrot juice blended with celery stalks, beetroot and garlic cloves. The proportion should be 3 carrots, 3 celery stalks, half of beetroot, and one garlic cloves.

Drink one glass of milk with two carrots daily.

Take carrots in salad.

6. Onions –

OnionsOnions have the aphrodisiac properties and help in treating the loss of semen, increasing the timing, and removing the erectile dysfunction issue. Use it as a salad, or steep two full size onion in two cups of water for 10 minutes and drink half cup three times daily for two months for good impact.

7. Garlic –

GarlicGarlic is found beneficial in the treatment of various types of issues and is proven in a study that it helps in curing the erectile dysfunction.

Chew garlic cloves daily.

Or, Mix one teaspoon of garlic powder and cayenne pepper powder and consume the mixture with one glass of water before going to bed.

8. Pomegranate Juice –

Pomegranate JuicePomegranate is rich in anti-oxidant and also helps in reducing the stress. It is found highly effective in improving the blood circulation and increases the nitro oxide levels in the body. The user can drink the juice of pomegranate daily or take the supplements after consulting the doctor.

Erectile Dysfunction Cure Exercises :-

1. Pelvic Floor Exercise –

These exercises are found to be highly beneficial in the removal of erectile dysfunction issue for a long time. These exercises strengthen the muscles of pelvic area and thus bring the benefit in the sexual functionality. The main focus while doing these exercises should put on the tightening and releasing of the muscles.
Pelvic Floor Exercise for ED

2. Kegel Exercises –

Kegel exercises are an important role player if you want to improve your sexual performance. The kegel exercises are a bit tricky but once you learn them, you can earn much more than what you desire.

Kegel Exercise for ED

3. Aerobic Exercises –

These exercises might not have the direct connection to the pelvic area but these exercises help a great deal in gaining the sexual energy and capacity. These exercises help in treating the obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and vascular diseases. Also, these exercises improve the blood flow to the penis.

Aerobic Exercises

4. Yoga –

Yoga is a complete workout for your body and just because of its known and proven benefits, it is becoming popular every day. Yoga work on whole body and gives the long lasting benefit while extending the capacity of the body. It releases the tension, stress, improves blood flow, maintains the health of heart, balances cholesterol and brings numerous benefits to the body.

Yoga Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction

5. Swimming –

Swimming in itself is the complete body exercise. It helps in many ways to the body. It tones the pelvic muscles, improves the blood flow and the secretion of manly hormones that helps in better arousal and erections.

Swimming Exercise

Therapy and Surgery –

Surgery is a risky method when it comes to penis. Penis is a very tender and sensitive part and so, proper care should be taken. Surgery does not hold promises about the results but it is also an option to treat the erectile dysfunction issue.

On the other hand, Acupuncture is comparatively safe method to treat the erectile dysfunction problem. This therapy method was invented in china and it is used since the ancient times. It is a method in which body gets new and proper flow of energy by pressing the right points in the body. It improves the blood flow and relieves from tension.

Surgery and Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Supplement –

We have only mentioned “natural supplement” because in our research, we found that there is no other method of medication that has safe and healing capacity like natural medicines. These natural supplements are completely safe and very beneficial when it comes to usage for sensitive and complex issues. For you ease, we have already provided the details about the most soothing and market leading natural erectile dysfunction treatment. The name of this medicine is Hard Rock capsule.Hard Rock Capsule

This medicine is made by the renowned and trusted natural medicine maker, Hashmi. The medicine formulated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is one of its kind, completely natural and very powerful alternative of all other methods. Hard rock is made of only natural herbs, after the complete research and testing. The medicine has already proved its worth by curing every type of erection issue. It is completely safe from side effects issue and works in due time. Being a natural supplement, the benefits remain for a longer time. Hard Rock regulates and corrects the sexual issue in the natural process and brings the most revolutionary impact. The user attains the rock hard erection every time that does not weakens throughout the session. Besides curing the erection issue, it also helps in increasing the timing and stamina.

Disclaimer: All the above mentioned exercises should be done in the guidance of expert first then move to individual practice. Similarly, the herbs mentioned above have different impact on different people, so it is advised to first consult your doctor to get the right amount of usage as per the body capacity and medical conditions.

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