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Tomato Facial Kit

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Tomato is an excellent food good for skin.Tomato Facial is one of the most important skin care regime. Pure Tomato facial kit presents an exclusive high range of Herbal products that will make skin resilient and youthful. You won’t be able to stop yourself from staring in the mirror, turning from cheek to cheek and checking out that glow radiating from your clean skin! Yes to Tomatoes Cleanser maintains your skin’s pH balance while removing excess oils and impurities, purifying and refreshing your beautiful complexion. Other facial product will protect your skin against damage and aging and will help to restore your complexion to be at it’s healthiest.

Step1: Cleanser:- Apply cleanser on neck to face and massage in circular movements for 3-5 minutes then wipe off with cotton.

Step2: Scrub:- After cleansing apply scrub and massage for 5-8 minutes from neck to face in circular movements then rinse off with normal water.

Step3- Cream:- Apply cream on neck to face and massage for 8-10 minutes in circular movement then clean with normal water.

Step4- Pack:- Apply with massage a thick layer of pack on neck to face and let the pack rest on your face. Till semi dry. After semi dry remove the pack gently.

Step5- Gel:- Apply gel on neck to face and massage for 5-8 minutes in a circular motion then clean  with normal water.


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