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Shampoo for Dry Hair – Hair Nutrient with Conditioner

Benefit of Dry Hair Shampoo

1. leaving your hair visibly fuller

2. shinier and softer to the touch.

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Shampoo for Dry Hair : Hair Nutrient with Conditioner

Hashmi herbal shampoo, specially designed for dry hair. It’s hard to imagine a time without dry shampoo. the hair saver that conceals our greasy roots, in the morning gives your hair 10 extra minutes for washing by our herbal shampoo and then see the result of your hair.  This makes the hair more manageable and smooth. Hashmi one of the most trusted hair-care brands in the world. Hashmi Shampoo for dry hair helps in repairing the damaged and dry hair, while helping regain the shine. After few washes, you will be able to see visible results . Hashmi shampoo features have herbal ingredients like  Ritha, Amla, Bhingraj and many other herbs. These ingredients are good for hair and helps cleanse while offering volume and bounce to the hair. This shampoo will bring that dry hair back to its silky like that you originally had. It is perfect for dry hair and you absolutely like this. The oil  Re-energizes your hair and scalp, leaving your hair visibly fuller, shinier and softer to the touch.

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