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  • Remedies for Kidney Stones

Medicine For Kidney Stones : The Soothing Way to Deal with Painful Stones

Main Benefits of Stonil Capsule :

  • Dissolves and removes kidney stones
  • Soothes the pain caused by stone
  • Cleans and heals the kidney
  • Guards the urinary tract against infection
  • Prevents the repeated formation of stone
  • Regulates the kidney functionality and improves it
  • Heals the related body parts to provide required comfort
  • Prevents the waves of severe pain by dissolving the stone silently
  • No side effects risk
  • Natural and herbal combination



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The Easy & Quick Medicine for Kidney Stones Now Available :-

This medicine for kidney stones is precisely made for those who are looking for a treatment that can give them long term freedom from stone and pain in the natural and healing way. The kidney stone medicine is designed by the specialists of natural methodology to give the long lasting impact on the functionality of kidney and eliminates the chances of future stone formation. This is made possible with the help of powerful and beneficial natural herbs.

Stonil Capsule – An ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone

Those who suffer from stone problem know clearly that this situation is very painful and it distracts the person from every other objective. The pain is so severe that it takes away all the strength of the body and leaves the body craving for a moment of harmony. It is not only the pain that creates the problem, sometimes the issue becomes more complicated and serious if the stone moves to urinary tract and prevents the urination. We understand the sensitivity and complexity of the issue and thus, have come up with the most healing and ideal solution for the same.

To save you from the pain and remove the stone silently and easily, use stonily capsule. This blend of natural herbs is a completely researched and tested formula to treat all the aspects and shortcomings of kidney stone problem. It is the treatment of kidney stone unlike any other. The medicine is the complete treatment for kidney stones that not only works for the removal of stone rather also gives the relief in pain caused by stone, heals the kidney and urinary tract, cleans the smallest particles of stones and most importantly, prevents the future stone formation.

Symptoms of Kidney Stone :-

The certain symptoms of having a stone in the kidney are given below, though the signs are not limited to these points-

  • Severe pain in the kidney
  • Blood in urine
  • Vomiting, itching and nausea
  • Consistent urge to urination
  • Pain in the flanks
  • Loss of appetite
  • Burning sensation during urination
  • Swollen face and hands

The assurance for perfect medicine for kidney stones at home :-

It is in the herbs not in the name. The herbs that are used in this medicine are advised by one of the famous and very experienced enthusiast of natural methodology, Haqeem Hashmi ji. The haqeem ji has, with his age long experience and rich knowledge, given many specific and result oriented treatments that are widely known for their unfailing benefits. The medicine is extensively researched in the state of the art lab and tested on various safety and effectiveness standards.

We are the reputed name in the Indian natural treatment method for giving the most recognized and beneficial treatments using the precious and rare herbs. The medicine gives you the safe and fruitful alternative for kidney stone treatment without surgery. It works from the very 1st day when you use it.

During the course, the capsule works on various aspects like filtering of the blood and cleansing the kidney, healing the related body part, prevents the unnecessary storage of elements that invite stone formation and provides continuous relief in pain.

So If You Are Searching for terms like kidney stone pain relief at home in Hindi or English you are at right place.

Ingredients :-

Amomum subulatum, Pedalium murex, Cinnamomum cassia, Prunus cerasus, Curculigo orchioides Gaertn, Achyranthes aspera, Physalis alkekengi, Curcuma aromatica, Dolichos biflorus, Potassii carbonas , Apium graveolens, Solanum nigrum, Saxifraga ligulata, Cabbage, Orthosiphon stamineus , Crataeva nurvala, Cucumis utilissimus, Coleus aromaticus, Juniperus communis

Dosage Recommendation :-

Consume two capsules a day. One in the morning, other one in the night. It is recommended to kindly contact our specialists to get the detailed and subjective prescription for better results.

A person can face any challenges if he/she is fit and healthy. The stone breaks the strength of a man and gives the endless sufferings so it is highly important to treat the issue with proper medication. Injections/ surgery are the treatment for unaware people. An intelligent person looks into the base and right methods to treat the issue.

Get the best medicine for kidney stones, and find that life isn’t that hard as it seems.

Frequently Asked Questions :-

Q: What is the right way to use the Stonil capsule?
The capsule is to be taken with water. For the correct prescription, kindly call our specialists and get the treatment as per the individual situation.

Q: When can I expect the benefit?
The medicine is made for quick and powerful benefits. As per our users, the effects of the medicine can be felt from 2nd to 3rd week. As the course continues, the impact widens.

Q: Is it similar to medicine for kidney stones in homeopathy?
No. It is completely different from any other treatment method. The medicine is pure combination of natural herbs only without any use of artificial chemicals. The medicine works to heal the body, increase the functionality and dissolve kidney stones in the natural manner by breaking it and dissolves in the urination process.

Q: May I know the current price of Stonil capsule or discount?
As we work on the real and honest market strategies, there remains absolutely no chance for discount. For the current price, kindly contact our customer care.

Q: How long should I continue the course?
It solely depends upon the size of the stone and situation of the individual. Still, the medicine is a powerful combination which works fast enough to bring the most soothing effect in the minimum time period. In normal cases, the user stops the use of the medicine after the continuous three months course. It helps in complete treatment for kidney stones.

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