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Height Gainer : Best Height Increase Medicine in India

 Heightole-XL : Height Gainer will help you with :-

  • Stronger bones.
  • Enhances metabolism.
  • Increase height naturally.
  • Restores hormone levels.
  • Improve digestion process.
  • Strengthens nervous system.
  • Raise bone density naturally and safely.
  • Improve immune system and durability.
  • Decreasing tiredness and fills new energy.
  • Improve blood circulation throughout the body.
  • No side effect.
  • 100% natural ingredients.



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Height Gainer: Best Height Growth Medicine in India

Heightole-XL also referred to as natural height gainer supplement is one of the Best height increase medicine to help increase height naturally. The medicine works for those people also who even have crossed the age of body growth. The key benefit of this best medicine for height growth is its natural characteristics and genuine effective results.

Height Growth Medicine – Change the way you used to look at the things

The height issue is one of the most affecting issues right now in the present world of glamor and media. The perspectives about good height have changed from good health to good personality. This height gainer supplements are here to break your misconception that height can’t be increased after 18 and 21 (18 for girls and 21 for boys). It is clinically proven that anyone can increase their height even after 18 and 21 by doing some special exercise such as vertical hanging, dry land swim, cobra stretch, etc with right natural height increase treatment.

Average Male and Female height in India

According to a study post by National Institute of Nutrition (Indian Council of Medical Research) in 2006, the Avg height of male and female in India are 5 ft 5 in (165 cm) and 5 ft (152 cm) respectively.

So, if you are around these figures, you don’t have to worry about your height. but if you are less than that, it’s time to think again. Your height could be increased even after peak years.

Dr. Hashmi here at Hashmi Dawakhana has created an effective height increase medicine that will help you out and grow your height to give you a stunning personality.

It’s the best medicine for height growth after 18 years. There are lots of people out there are searching for terms like height growth medicine names, medicine to increase height after 25 and ayurvedic medicine for height increase after 22. It’s not about a number if you have willpower, right approach, medication, and continuity. Definitely, you can grow your height.

Know Your Product :

Height gainer pro (Heightole-XL) is created by Dr. Hashmi after a deep research and experiment on human growth anatomy. This height gainer supplement is made of pure herbs and natural ingredients that very hard find out. Because it is made of herbs and natural ingredients, the medicine does not put any side effects.

Height increase pills work by enhancing metabolism system that is responsible for human body growth. Metabolism converts the fuel in the food we eat into the energy needed to power everything we do, from moving to thinking to growing. It also restores the hormones level and improves the immune system and durability.

The capsule pushes and renews the limits of the body and initialises the body growth system again. The increased thrust and capacity of body functionality contributes to the increment in height. All is done by the natural herbs that are rare to find and powerful enough to bring the new bodily changes.

If you live in despair or compare yourself with others due to your short stature then stop this practice now on. Everyone needs good height for amazing looks, effective personality, and psychological superiority. Even many professional jobs require good stature. So, now, when you have a chance, redeem it.

Any difference from other height supplements ?? Tell me how?

There are a plenty of Height growth medicine in Ayurveda, allopathic, homeopathic, Unani and natural treatments but most of them have side effects too. Natural treatments are the best of them because they are made of herbs and natural ingredients that work by increasing the body capacity and so they have no side effects.

The creator of this unique combination is Dr. Hashmi from Hashmi Herbal Pharmacy. The pharmacy is situated in India and is quite popular for its unique treatments of several male-female and general health issues. They have experience of more than 8 decades and knowledge of ancient natural therapy. That is what has enabled them to bring forth this powerful yet safe formula for all seekers. Dr. Hashmi received the precious knowledge of natural medication from his great father and the rich practical experience has enabled him to create this revolutionary medicine.

So, this medicine is completely different in every term than the other medicines currently available in the market. We are already an established pharmacy so we do not make medicines for profit. We are known for our medicines that are meant for the treatment only.

Ingredients :-

Within somniferra, Puraria tuberose, Lepidium sativum, Gentiana sativum, Acacia Arabica, Ephedra gerardiana, Cassia tora, Oroxylum indicum, Mucana pruries, Cassytha filiformis, Lauh bhasam

Quantity and Course Duration :-

Heightole-XL is packed with 60 capsules for one month. If you want to increase your height naturally you should use this medicine 2 months hardly.

Dosage :-

Take two capsules on a regular basis first one just after breakfast and the second one after the dinner or as directed by the physician.

Don’t feel shy to be shorter. You can get everything if you have will power and right direction to get it. Do height gainer exercise, eat accordingly and take the natural supplement to increase height even after 18 and 21.

Height gain is not only about supplements, it’s a combination of willpower, right exercise, hard work, and natural supplements.

F.A.Q’s :-

Q: What are the factors that determine a person’s height?
Height is determined by a complex combination of genetics and environment. The basic rule of the thumb formula for human height may be summarized as:-
(Nutrition + Genetics + Hormones)  –  Stress

Q: When do we stop growing taller?
The age is different for boys and girls. Generally, Girls stop gaining height at the age of 18 where boys grow till 21.

Q: Is it possible to increase height after 18 and 21?
Yes, it is possible to increase height even after 18 and 21 but it needs hard work, willpower, right exercise and natural supplements.

Q: What kind of a diet can help increase my height?
Diet plays a vital role in height increase. These are included-, dairy, cereals, meat, fruits and vegetables and plenty of water.

Q: Why Heightole-XL?
Heightole-XL is the combination of rare herbs and natural ingredients that are combined after extensive research and works naturally. Zero side effects risk is also an important reason to choose Heightole-XL capsule.

Q: What’s the average height of men and women in India?
The average height of men and women is 5.5 ft and 5 ft respectively in India.

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2 reviews for "Height Gainer : Best Height Increase Medicine in India"

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Good product. I’ve used this product for 3 months and 2 niches.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    Heightole -XL One of the Best height increase product . The medicine works for those people also who even have crossed the age of body growth. The key benefit of this medicine is its natural characteristics and genuine effective results gain height upto 2 inches within two months.

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