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21 Actionable Yoga Exercises for Weight Gain ( Proven Yoga Asanas )

Before you start reading the list of these Yoga exercises for weight gain, we want to ask you this one question. How skinny you feel you are and how much weight you want to gain? Most of the people don’t know the exact answer to it. Because the goal is not specific, the focus and results are not rewarding. Yoga exercises are the best way to control the three Doshas of your body and to correct the abnormal, one should Read More...

How to Gain Weight? : A Comprehensive Guide of Weight Gain

Thinking about how to gain weight ? It’s never too late. Being thin can be just as unhealthy as being obese. This is not just a problem of appearance rather it is directly related to your health, your body efficiency and in turn, your life. A man without power and good body always finds his existence incomplete and out of confidence. It is the greatest possession that he can ever own. So far the females are concerned, it is also a known fact Read More...

Indian Weight Gain Diet Chart For Vegetarians ( 3000 CALORIES )

Being an Indian, I know our body structure, lifestyle, and diet are quite different from the western culture where people mostly rely on snacks, fries, pizza and similar stuff. In Indian kitchens, our mothers emphasize more on nutritious, healthy and hygienic food rather than a calories-stuffed feast. How to weight gain fast at home in India? The food served in India is heavy, oily, nutritious and lip-smacking which is not always rich in calories and protein intake.   So, while the stomach Read More...