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26 Ways to Last Longer in Bed & Have Fascinating Sex

Who does not like the idea to last longer in bed? Most people would like to know the method for how to last longer in bed naturally. If you are reading it right now, it means you are interested in knowing the working facts that can actually enhance your sexual capacity in bed. So without further ado, let’s jump on the points. 1. Porn is dangerous for timing Among all the versions of sexual feedings, porn is most dangerous. It is Read More...

4 Ways to Increase Sexual Stamina in Bed

Sex stamina is described as the energy which drives a man`s efforts in to reality and enables him to achieve the supreme pleasure of sex. This energy is the source of man`s power and is the symbol of his supremacy in bed. But the question is- How to increase sex stamina? Sex stamina cannot be measured on single parameter as it covers everything from arousal to ejaculation. But the most common sign of having a good sexual stamina can be seen during Read More...